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Tour: Riese & Müller - Messingschlager

On 6 September 2013, Asian manufacturers visited pedelec manufacturer Riese & Müller and Messingschlager, one of the leading importers of bike parts.

ExtraEnergy e.V. is pushing quality of pedelecs and e-bikes for 21 years and regularly invites representatives of the Chinese and Taiwanese media, government and experts of the LEV industry to meet European manufacturers.

The 3rd tour started on 2 September 2013, right after EUROBIKE. On 6 September, the bike manufacturer Riese & Müller and the importer and distributor of bike parts Messingschlager were visited.

Messingschlager - The Bike Experience
"The company Messingschlager is 89 years old, now in 3rd generation", informed Benno Messingschlager (CEO).

With a total area of ​​over 10,000 sqm and a total height of 18 meters, Benno Messingschlager guided through computer-controlled storage areas. "We have invested a lot in automatization. A lot of volume can be stocked in a very small space. Everything runs automatically, working through the night. 60 packages can be moved every hour. Just the packing is done by human. Until now, electric bikes just make a small part of our business."

After the company tour, Benno Messingschlager invited to enjoy the bike café Messingschlager which is affiliated to the concept store at the company site. On 700 sqm, the concept store offers the brands Scott, BMC, Bergamont, Giant, PG-Bike, KMC, Panther, S'cool, Ave, Kenda, Tour de France, Velo, Mighty, Echowell, Exustar, Smart, Zoom, cnSpoke, M-Wave, Novatec, SuperB, Promax, Endura, Nitto, MKS, Trailgator, Remerx, Sonax, Neco, Nestmann, and Powerbar. 

The café offers regional and seasonal delicacies each day from Monday to Sunday. The idea of the café came naturally: "If you live the idea and enjoy cycling, you realize that cyclists need cafés for their cycle stops. Meanwhile, a lot of cyclists use the café to get information on their stops." Next to the concept store, there is also a bike park with four cross and single trail, ideally to enjoy test-rides with the favoured bike offered in the concept store.

>> photo gallery - visit at Messingschlager (flickr)


Riese & Müller - by Conviction
Tobias Spindler (manager communication) Riese & Müller, guided through the premises in Weiterstadt. There, the production started on a total area of 6,000 sqm in January 2013.

"Everything started with the birdy", explained Tobias Spindler. In 2008, we started with electric bikes, using mainly BionX. 2009 was the first year with three electric bikes, the Jetstram hybrid, the Birdy hybrid and the Delite hybrid. But this year, we stopped production of the Birdy hybrid because of its weight and the rear wheel motor. Meanwhile, the Culture hybrid is the most sold one.

Just before EUROBIKE, we decided to cut on normal bikes and just to go on with the production of electric and folding bikes. Our bike production is about 5,000 - 8,000 this year. But we are aiming to produce 12,000 bikes/year.

In the future, we will just produce with the Bosch motor. But we keep our eyes open."

>> photo gallery - visit at Riese & Müller (flickr)


Participants of the tour from 2 to 6 September 2013 were Grace S. Ruan (President & Publisher) Wheel Giant, Joyce and Gorden Hsu (General Manager and Assistant) Sunshine Technology in Taiwan and Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic in China and Zhao Jie (General Manager) of Fujian Menshine New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., LTD.

Anyone who is interested to participate in future educational trips is warmly invited to contact tour organizerJean Chenvia e-mail:


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Text and pictures: Angela Budde

23 September 2013

Update: 16 October 2013




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