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LEV Components Tour SRAM - Schaeffler - TQ

The tour started on 2 September 2013, right after EUROBIKE. On 4 September, the LEV component manufacturers SRAM, Schaeffler and TQ were visited.

Tour photos from 4 September 2013:

>> photo gallery

SRAM - E-Matic
After a tour on the premises with Dealer Service Direct (DSD), presentation of prototypes and the new outdoor test track, Ulrich Henz (SRAM) introduced the new E-Matic drive.

The pedelec with 250W rear wheel drive and non-proprietary battery system is designed for urban use. „Neither gearshift nor display or sensor. Everything is in the rear-wheel drive“, informed Ulrich Henz. „So, we are completely independent from damages. The advantage of the easy cable routing is that the rear wheel can be changed easily without special tools.“

Hannes Neupert (President ExtraEnergy e.V.) is positve about the concept: "I have always found it great to hold the handlebars so clean."

Ulrich Henz gives detailed information on the E-Matic drive in the following video clip (in German language):

>> E-Matic Antrieb (YouTube)


Schaeffler - FAG Electric Gearshift Actuator
From May 2014, Schaeffler will bring the new FAG Gearshift Actuator on the market. The electric FAG-Gearshift actuator weighs 120 g and is intended to increase the range of pedelecs. The electric gearshift actuator can also be combined with the FAG sensor bottom bracket to produce a fully automatic design for pedelecs.

The FAG torque sensor bottom bracket BBRTTS is used, for example, in drives from Bosch and TQ-Systems. Unfortunately, test rides of the 2nd generation of the FAG torque sensor were not possible.

Please find photos and further information here:

>> FAG Electric Gearshift Actuator (flickr)

>> FAG BBRTTS 2nd Generation (flickr)

TQ - Great Moments in the Smallest Space
TQ-Drives is part of the TQ-Systems GmbH. The electronic service provider who uses the torque sensor of Schaeffler was founded 20 years ago and is also active in the field of smart metering.
The Clean Mobile motor output power is 850 Watt Peak with 120 Nm torque, 4,8 kg weight and 140 mm in diameter.

Angelika von der Straaten (management division Clean Mobile) handed out a pedelec 45 with 500 W for test-rides on the premises.
Hannes Neupert (President ExtraEnergy e.V.) was convinced by the Clean Mobile drive: „Uphill, I stopped and could easily start again.“

"The whole set will be available for less than 1,000 Euro from May 2014", informed Angelika van der Straaten.


Participants of the tour from 2 to 6 September 2013 were Grace S. Ruan (President & Publisher) Wheel Giant, Joyce and Gorden Hsu (General Manager and Assistant) Sunshine Technology in Taiwan and Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic in China and Zhao Jie (General Manager) of Fujian Menshine New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., LTD.

Anyone who is interested to participate in future educational trips is warmly invited to contact tour organizer Jean Chen via e-mail:


Tour days:

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Copy, translation and picture: Angela Budde

10 September 2013
Update 16 October 2013



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