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LEV Educational trip – from History to Future

Educational trip around the key issue Light-Electric-Vehicle (LEV) from 2 to 6 September 2013. LEV Museum, EBike Lounge, Atelier Papenfuss and WINORA-STAIGER on 2 and 3 September.

ExtraEnergy e.V. is pushing quality of pedelecs and e-bikes for 21 years and regularly invites representatives of the Asian media, government and experts of the Light-Electric-Vehicle (LEV) industry to meet European manufacturers.

Participants of the tour from 2 to 6 September 2013 were Grace S. Ruan, Joyce and Gorden Hsu and Zhao Jie, organized by Jean Chen of ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co KG (in the course of formation) and supported by Hannes Neupert (president ExtraEnergy e.V.).

>> Fotostrecke (flickr)

From History to Pedelecs for Bon Vivants
The tour started on 2 September at ExtraEnergy´s headquarter in Tanna. One point of interest at the headquarter is the LEV museum. The museum represents Hannes Neupert´s (president ExtraEnergy e.V.) collection of Light-Electric-Vehicle (LEV) history. Accompanied by information on battery safety, the EnergyBus Standard and standardized charging infrastructure, the museum covers past, present and future. In addition, the new indoor test track is offering pedelec and e-bike test-ride pleasure.

After a short stop at Germany´s oldest natural race track „Schleizer Dreieck“, the tour continued to Erfurt where the dealer shop EBike Lounge was visited. Bikes for bon vivants is what CEO Klaus Rüdiger and Frank Derer offer. Customers can choose between tandems, trikes, recumbent bikes, comfort bikes, custum-made bikes and electric bikes.


Atelier Papenfuss - Multifaceted Solutions
Next stop was Weimar where Atelier Papenfuss is creating multifaceted solutions. Product development, research and development, systemic communications, web- & software development as well as interior architecture and design are the fields of their work. Within these fields, Robert Bosch GmbH, EnergyBus e.V., Ulrich Alber GmbH, Derby Cycle AG, E. Ziegler Metallbearbeitung AG and ExtraEnergy e.V. are among their customers. Andreas Papenfuss informed on the projects they managed together with EnergyBus e.V., especially the Charging Infrastructure EnergyBus Pilot Scheme.


WINORA-STAIGER - All in one Philosphy
Susanne and Felix Puello welcomed the travelers at the Headquarter of WINORA-STAIGER GmbH in Sennfeld. „Winora was established from my great-grandfather“, explained Susanne Puello. „This means that we are now in the 4th generation. Felix and I took over in 1995. While I am concentrating on sales and marketing and also in regards to logistics, Felix is taking care in sourcing, R&D and also in Marketing. We are involved in all sportive segments. Of course, we have an own portfolio of electric bikes. In 2010, we launched the first full suspension electric Mountainbike with centermotor in the world wide bike market. Including our bike parts wholesaling department with more than 18000 articles we are seen as the real full range supplier in the European dealer market.  This is almost 40 % of our turnover per year with more than 4,000 packages a day. Our all in one philosophy is the biggest strength we have."

>> - Mechanical Safety
Last tour stop on 3 September was the test center in Schweinfurt. At, bicycles and electric bikes or their components can undergo a variety of tests on mechanical safety. As GS institution, can award the GS mark to  manufacturers or to their accredited agents.


Anyone who is interested to participate in future educational trips is warmly invited to contact tour organizer Jean Chen via e-mail:


Tour days:

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Text and picture: Angela Budde

8 October 2013

Last update: 16 October 2013



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