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Joyce & Gorden Hsu - Sunshine Technology - Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic

From 2 to 6 September 2013, Joyce and Gorden Hsu of the companies Sunshine Technology in Taiwan and Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic in China participated in the educational trip throughout Germany to get further information on standardization.

EE: Why did you participate?

GH: My aunt is the General Manager of the Taiwanese company Sunshine Technology and of the Chinese Company Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic. I am her assistant. We produce cables for electric bikes like BionX. The reason why we join the trip is that we want to get more involved in the electric bike industry. We also want to improve our understanding of the electric bike market.

About 7 years ago, Jean Chen introduced BionX to us. Now we are here by his invitation.

EE: What did you learn?

GH: I think it is very important for us to know the standardization of connectors and cable assemblies e.g. EnergyBus. That is the biggest achievement we have obtained during this trip. Before we came, Jean brought the EnergyBus connector to our company. That is how we got to know EnergyBus. In the future, we would be very interested in a tour throughout France, Italy and the Netherlands.

JH: What I find very interesting is the innovative design of the industry. I think, electric bikes for a very low price are not very good looking.
Most important is that whole Europe provides a good environment for the development of electric bikes. I noticed that there is a particular path for electric bikes in Europe. Whereas in China, nothing similar is existing. In Taiwan, the government supports people by lowering the price of hybrid cars. In China, they are starting to compensate.  But not for electric bikes. Just for electric cars.

GH: We have learned that EnergyBus is going to be a standard in the future electric bike industry. When we go back, we will start researching on EnergyBus to prepare ourselves to be able to provide EnergyBus cable assemblies.

Company Profile
For 20 years YingYu has been driven to be an excellent cable solution provider in terms of engineering capabilities, responsiveness, and on-time delivery. The company believes that working in partnership with their customers through the entire design stage is very critical. Their  technical expertise can satisfy both custom and standard products. At YingYu, they only provide products that meet their exceed customers’ needs. They carry a full variety of cable and wire harness and their engineers can work with their business partners to shorten development cycle, minimize cost and maximize performance. Their diverse manufacturing capabilities have made it possible for them to provide competitive and high quality products for New Energy, Automobile, Medical, IPC and IT industry.

Please contact Gordon Hsu for further information:
>> gordenhsu@shyingyu.com

>> Company presentation (PDF)

>> http://www.shyingyu.com

Anyone who is interested to participate in future educational trips is warmly invited to contact tour organizer Jean Chen via e-mail:

>> jean.chen@extraenergy.org

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Text and picture: Angela Budde

7 October 2013

Update: 8 October 2013



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