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GoPedelec! Expert Trainings

Expert Trainings on Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) market, technology, laws, and future trends. In addition, key players of the pedelec component and especially the drive unit market offered an insight into the LEV market.

The chance: To gain relevant market information and special knowledge on drive units of LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles).

The trainings were organized by the local GoPedelec! partners as well as specific national partners and ExtraEnergy. For the content the organizers worked in close cooperation with drive unit makers who supported the expert trainings with their specific information about their systems.
The training sessions were supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe program.
ExtraEnergy is organizing expert trainings on the topic of pedelecs since 1995. The expert trainings 2012 took place in the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, and Italy.

The Format
The trainings are usually organized as two day events. One day is focussing on general relevant market information and one day is reserved for drive unit
special knowledge.

The language of the trainings is always the local language even if some speakers do not speak the language of the country. In this case the training sessions will be translated sentence by sentence into the local language.

The Agenda section one:
Market, technology, laws, and future trends:
- historical positioning of the pedelec market as it is today
- hard facts about the current market, judgement about the market potential and the potential for the bicycle trade and industry
- pedelec technology: drive-units, energy-storage-devices, charging and infrastructure, human-machine-interface like buttons, displays, and sensors
- service: strategies how to cope with the ongoing diversification of the market offerings for drive units including the service software
- laws and standards - what is relevant for the bicycle trade - recommendations on how to deal with it - discussion on the best strategies to be legally correct
- proven marketing strategies to stimulate pedelec sales explained with examples from the market place.

The Agenda section two:
Target of this section is to get an insight into the market offering of the key players of the pedelec component and especially the drive unit market.
This section consists out of a theoretical part and a hands on part. In the theoretical part trainers from the drive unit or component makers do present their technology and services. In the second part of this section trainers will show their parts and materials on a table or work bench to give hands on training - here individual questions can be settled and practical exercises can be conducted.

It is about drive systems and vehicle companies which have their own drive systems. The selection may vary between the countries. Please check the list of participating companies in the final program which is also published at www.GoPedelec.eu.

Agenda Germany, Austria, Czech Republik, and Hungary, 2012
>> GoPedelec! Expert Trainings 2012 (PDF)

Participation fee: 98,00 €*
Including refreshments and midday catering
Germany, Dresden, e-bike-days
>> Online Registration (German language)

Germany, Stuttgart and Essen:
>> Program and registration (German language) PDF

Outside Germany:
Please contact Ms. Antje Hopf for further information and registration.
>> Contact

>> www. GoPedelec.eu

Scheduled Expert Trainings 2012*
Germany, Dresden, at the exhibition e-bike-days, 13 + 14 January 2012
-> Address: Messe Dresden, Messering 6, 01067 Dresden
-> Room: Erlweinsaal

>> Report: How to understand LEV Legislation?

Czech Republic, Zdar
, 25 + 26 January 2012
>> Information and registration (Czech language)
>> Program - Czech language (PDF)

>> Report: GoPedelec! Expert Training very popular in Czech Republic

Hungary, Budapest
, 7 + 8 February 2012
>> Registration-arrival-program Budapest (PDF)

>> Report: Battery Safety Issues relevant

Austria, St. Pölten, 9 + 10 February 2012
>> Registration-arrival-program St. Pölten - German language (PDF)

>> Report: Downhill with Recuperation

Austria, Graz, 14 + 15 February 2012
>> Registration-arrival-program Graz - German language (PDF)

>> Report: Subsidies for Pedelecs?

Austria, Mattighofen, 16 + 17 February 2012
>> Registration-arrival-program Mattighofen - German language (PDF)

>> Report: Urkauf-Chen at GoPedelec! Training in Mattighofen

Germany, Stuttgart, 22 + 23 February 2012
-> Venue: Showroom for electric mobility in Stuttgart
-> Address: Türlenstraße 2, 70191 Stuttgart
>> Registration-arrival-program - German language (PDF)

>> Report: GoPedelec! Expert Training in Stuttgart

Germany, Essen, at the exhibition Fahrrad Essen, 24 + 25 February 2012
At the same time as the public exhibition "Fahrrad Essen"
Meeting point: February 24th at 8:30 a.m. in front of the "Saal Berlin". All registered participatants will have free admission and get the ticket directly in front of the "Saal Berlin"
Your hotline if you have any queries: +49-(0)36646-270 94
>> Registration-arrival-program Essen - German language (PDF)
On 24 February a dinner is offered. The participants have to bear the expenses. Participation is obligatory. Where? Drago Restaurant "An der Gruga", Alfredstr.122, 45131 Essen. Tel: 0201/78 53 58
Parking: We recommend parking car park P6.
>> How to find

>> Report: GoPedelec! Expert Training at Fahrrad Essen

Italy, Naples, 24 March 2012
During EnergyMed: Confernce Exhibition on Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency in Mediterranean
>> www.EnergyMed.it

>> Photo Gallery

Italy, Rimini, 28 March 2012
The Italian Expert Trainings are organized by the GoPedelec! project partner ANEA
Contact for further information and registration:
>> Registration (e-mail)

ANEA - Agenzia Napoletana Energia e Ambiente
Via Toledo, 317 - 80132 - Napoli / Naples - Italia / Italy
Tel. + 39 081 409459 - Fax. + 39 081 409957
>> www.anea.eu

*Subject to alterations

Text: Hannes Neupert, Angela Budde
Picture: Hannes Neupert

16 December 2011
Last updated: 28 March 2012



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