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Downhill with Recuperation

The GoPedelec! Expert Training in St. Pölten, capital city of Lower Austria, took place from 9 to 10 February 2012. Manufacturers informed on their drive systems, amongst others vivax assist, MPF, and BionX. Once again, battery safety issues (...)

(...) were extreme relevant. „As in previous trainings a most lively discussion started when touching the issue of batteries“, noticed Thomas Lewis, energieautark consulting GmbH and project co-ordinator Go Pedelec! (Country Manager for Austria). „Retailers were surprised on the fact how strict and severe regulations on transport of batteries are.“

MPF Pedelec Prototype
Wilhelm Breitenhuber introduced the MPF drive system to the participants. „The efficiency is 80 %“, comments Breitenhuber in the video which was produced by Thomas Lewis at the expert training.
Please find the video here (German language):
>> www.GoPedelec.eu

Second Training Day
The second day was labelled by the Austrian bike manufacturer KTM who offered a KTM dealer training which was supplemented by an additional training of BionX at KTM bikes and the presentation of the vivax assist drive system.

Recover Energy when going Downhill
Seitner (section development at KTM) and Martin Gnann (BionX) presented KTM pedelecs with BionX drive system. Seitner referred to his experiences when driving downhill the Großglockner wich is the highest mountain of Austria. He started „...with an empty battery which ended up nearly full at the end of the ride. While going downhill C. Seitner activated the strongest available recovery level (level four). However, more than recovering energy the important benefit of the generator mode of BionX is that you have a free brake available for going long distances downhill thereby saving on your mechanical brakes and on your muscles you would use for braking“, reported Thomas Lewis. „At the same time while using the motor brake the motor heats up and as it gets warmer the brake function loses in effectiveness.“

>> Photo Gallery

>> www.GoPedelec.eu

Text: Thomas Lewis, Angela Budde

Pictures: Thomas Lewis

15 March 2012



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