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How to understand LEV Legislation?

The first GoPedelec! expert training took place from January 13th to 14th in Dresden. A total number of 34 participants gathered special knowledge on general relevant market information, legislation, and drive units of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs).

Bicycle dealers, manufacturers, and service providers related to pedelecs and e-bikes participated in order to stay up to date in the rapidly developing sector.

Limits of Legislation and new Drive Units
Thomas Lewis, energieautark consulting GmbH and project co-ordinator Go Pedelec! (Country Manager für Österreich) Austria, asked the participants during the training in Dresden through questionnaires and interviews.

"For such a low price, there is no other comparable training available," reasoned Thomas Lewis, and several participants.

The first training day was presented by Hannes Neupert (president ExtraEnergy e.V.). There was a high desire for information on market development and especially on legislation, standards, and regulatory framework concerning handling of batteries. Thomas Lewis reflects: “There were quite some questions about sending batterie and according responsibilities. Here the shop owner perceives the danger of not being legally compliant.“

On the second training day, there were lectures given by pedelec and drive unit manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and by a provider of storage and transport devices for batteries.
Thomas Lewis sums up: „A new type, a front hub motor from BionX has been tested and all involved persons were enthusiastic about this new product. The company Thun specialises in bearings. Recently they have also picked up the topic of battery safety and have designed an according battery safety container/cupboard for shops. There, shop owners may store batteries safely and charge batteries even within those containers while keeping the surroundings save from potential fires... I think that the information on this container product is relevant for shopowners ...“

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Jump on the Bandwagon

One participating dealer „ ...could benefit quite a bit from here what regards safety, batteries, and also innovative drive systems“ and is convinced that „ ... it is a benefit to every retailer to visit this information event.“ His conclusion: „I would definitely come again.“

A bicycle manufacturer „...doesn`t want to jump on every bandwagon“. His purpose was to „...observe the market. In first place we are cautious because the market still shows many difficulties ... it is always interesting, good to rehearse ... in very short time you can meet a lot of companies and representatives of industry as well as retailers. Thereby you get to know about opportunities and difficulties within the market. I can see and listen to always new things because the market is rapidly changing, this means even for a `professional` this is always something new .... Hannes Neupert is competent and an authority as a person and as a representative of ExtraEnergy ... “

One participant, working in the service sector around pedelecs and e-biks, „...wanted to get informed about the market, the opportunities and the systems currently offered ... the weighting across the days was good. Namely that the second day was rather technical and the first day addressed marketing and sales.“

„My professional background is the car industry and I had this topic only as some sort of side project“ indicated the fourth interviewee. „However I have learned a lot of new things, there were many interesting speeches. So overall an excellent event.“

Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy
The GoPedelec! expert training is still on tour. Just register to become an expert in LEVs!

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Copy: Angela Budde
Pictures: Thomas Lewis

3 February 2012



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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