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Invitation: CBA offers study trip

CBA offers a study trip for members of the international bicycle industry from March 22nd to 29th of March 2015. The study trip will be located conveniently between Taipei Cycle Show and China North show. Read the agenda.

Since the CBA (China Bicycle Association) understood that the government plan to change the image of the two wheeler could be only executed quickly with international competition in the domestic market, they do organize a study trip for members of the international bicycle industry in March 2015 which will be located conveniently between Taipei Cycle Show and China North show.

Participants will be able to understand within this week the status quo of the domestic two wheeler market in China as well the potential which is just waking up and which options maybe the best to participate in this growing market.

For background information, please read the following article:

>> China market for cheap electric bicycles in danger!

Interested parties should express their interest for the participation with Jean Chen, managing director of ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG., via email:

Participation is sponsored by the CBA. Participants only need to pay for their hotel and transportation.

22nd of March

  • meeting at noon at Shanghai Pudong Airport
  • Visit to Giant Bicycle China Headquaters at Kunshan
  • Visit the touristic bicycle track around the Yancheng lake where cyclists often meet up to enjoy cycling and show of their latest bicycle gear
  • Visit Bafang electric motor factory the company which did sell in 2014 electric bicycle
    components for 85 million USD mainly to the European market
  • Dinner hosted by Bafang
23rd of March
  • Visit to the Tongshun drive system maker
  • Visit to Phylion lithium battery maker one of the pioneers in this area and member of the lenovo group
  • Visit to Yadea electric vehicle company which produced in 2014 2,5 Million electric bicycles mainly for the Chinese domestic market
  • Visit Tianneng battery maker currently the largest Lead Acid battery maker for electric
    two wheelers in China but manufacturing as well lithium batteries
  • Dinner hosted by Tianneng
24th of March
  • Flight to Tianjin
  • Visit titan metal bicycle frame factory
  • Visit King Meter, producer of displays and switches, mainly export oriented
  • Dinner hosted by King Meter
25th of March
  • Visit Lishen lithium battery company (key supplier to the consumer electronic industry)
  • Visit to Golden Wheel bicycle group. The new CEO who took over the power from
    his father wants to build more meaningful products. He created a bicycle racing team
    and is pushing hard to grow the local high end market for bicycles.
  • Dinner hosted by Golden Wheel
26th of March
  • Visit Aima e-vehicle Group who is the biggest ebike manufacturer and has produced in 2014 3.5million electric bicycles
  • Visit Flying Pigeon bicycle factory, the most renown national bicycle brand
  • Take part in the China North Show welcome party and the new product release cere- mony
  • CBA conference at Shangri-La Hotel Tianjing on future bicycle technology and go-
    vernment policy
  • meeting with the Chairman of CBA and Chairman of the local bicycle association
  • Dinner hosted by CBA
27th of March
  • Visit the China North Bicycle Show
  • Alternatively take part as a guest in the IEC/ISO Joint working group meeting on
    electric two wheeler related standardization
28th of March
  • Visit the China North Bicycle Show
  • Participate as guest in the Bicycle Rider Award ceremony
  • Dinner
29th of March
  • transit to Bejing Airport
Casting a retrospective glance
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Media response

Text: Hannes Neupert

Picture: Angela Budde

24 February 2015



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