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The ExtraEnergy Team

The ExtraEnergy team has grown to over 50 employees, partners and foreign correspondents in Europe, USA and Asia.

Board of Managers
Hannes Neupert: President
Frieder Herb: Vice President
Hartmut Schmidt: Treasurer

Nora Manthey: Communication and PR
Susanne Bruesch: Editor ExtraEnergy.org
Heike Zschaechner: Office Manager Tanna / Archive
Regina Neckermann: Dealer database
Andreas Toerpsch
: Testleitung
Daniel Hoppe
: IT Support / Webmaster
Max Neupert: CI / Graphic design
Moritz Gruenke: CI / Graphic design
Michael Burger
: Industrial design, Check-In booths
Patrick Knappick: Photography / Image editing
Tim Schaefer: Project Manager BATSO
Conny Krieger: Project Manager Workstation Pedelec

Associate Members (besides the Board of Managers)
Susanne Bruesch
Kerstin Buente
Franz van Dijk
Sonja Glauert
Michael Kutter
Burkhard Link
Max Neupert
Karl Heinz Schoen
Maria Vincent- Johnova
Reinhard Wilke

International Partners
Gaetan Bayle, ExtraEnergy France
Jean Chen, ExtraEnergy China
Jongkoo Jeong, ExtraEnergy Korea
Ennio de Lorenzo, Italy
German Eslava, Italy
Dominique Vincent, France
Andres Moreno, Spain
Mo-Hua Yang, Taiwan
Jakub Dietrich, Czech Republic
Ed Benjamin, USA

Peter Kleine, Germany (2009)
Janine Mueller, Germany, (2007)
Patrick Benjamin, USA, (2005)
Heike Zschächner, Germany, (2002)
Bryan Conklin, USA, (2002)
Heather O’Donnell, USA, (2001)
Erich Patten, USA, (2000 / 2001)
Ilka Sehl, Germany, (2000)
Li Zheng, China, (1998)



14th and 15th April 2018, Berlin, Germany,
Velo Berlin

May to September 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Probierstation, St Maria

6th to 8th May 2018 Shanghai, China
Shanghai Cycle Show

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