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Bruesch, Susanne

Specialized LEV Journalist and Industry Consultant

Pedelec Adventures



Born 1973 in Stuttgart, Germany

Staff Editor: Please tell us something about your career and profession.
Susanne Bruesch:1999 Masters degree in translation German/English/Russian at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
Since 1999 LEV correspondent for Bike Europe and freelance journalist for various other bicycle industry and consumer magazines.
2001 - 2010 Editor in Chief of ExtraEnergy.org.
Market research and industry consulting since 2002 as Associate of CycleElectric International Consulting Group, and eCycleElectric (since 2010).
Since 2011 focus on pedelec and e-bike adventure tours  to inspiring destinations around the globe. These excursions are designed as a PR events, as product
field tests and to provide content for unique reports, presentations, photos and videos.

SE: When and how did you get involved in LEVs?
SB: In 1996 I started working with ExtraEnergy at various promotional events. To make international communication on the different types of light electric vehicles easier I introduced the term ‘pedelec’ in 1999 with the help of ExtraEnergy, Bike Europe, Japan Cycle Press and other media.

SE: What is your personal motivation to work in LEVs?
SB: It is a fairly small and young industry, yet its global significance can be immense. By what we do we can make a difference.

Contact information:
Susanne Bruesch
Prinzesinnenstr. 21
10969 Berlin

Languages: German, English, Russian, limited Mandarin and Spanish

Last updated: May 11, 2011



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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