Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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What makes a pedelec more dangerous than a bicycle?

Peak power is not the issue. Technical Standards - driver or threshold for market success and innovation! The key role of Standardization and Legislation - Part 3.

On 26th November 2019, Hannes Neupert, Chairman ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V., talked online at the "Ebike Future Conference".   

Topic: Technical Standards - driver or threshold for market success and innovation! The key role of Standardization and Legislation - Part 3.


  • Self introduction
  • The key role of Standardization and Legislation
  • Light Electric Vehicle parking and charging infrastructure
  • Contact data
  • references
Watch Hannes Neupert´s speech in the video of part 3of the key role of Standardization and Legislation:

>> What makes a pedelec more dangerous than a bicycle?

Keep bicycle character
"We have to consider the facts: 250Watt is in the legislation and the standards and a continous rated power.

But actually, all these drive systems have no problem at all to deliver 700Watt peak power, but this can be quite long.

Of course not for hours because then the battery will be empty.

And now, these are motorcycles because they deliver more than 250Watt.

You can also argue that at very high temperatures, these 250Watt continued rated power will be lower because the whole thing will get hot - yes, that´s a little bit funny argumentation.

We have done some research on this subject. We will come back to this later.

Important is that we have to create a standard and legislation which really make sure that:
  • The bicycle style of the pedelec is still there
  • That the principle is very, very closed to the bicycle
  • Maybe even safer than a bicycle
Pedelecs more dangerous than bicycles
What are the things which make pedelecs more dangerous than bicycles? 

A) Absolute acceleration adds danger potential

B) Absolute speed creates danger potential

This means: These two things which add danger potential - We have to describe and regulate it!

Everything else doesn´t matter.

For example the absolute motor peak power is not the issue.

It´s the acceleration.

That´s why we have to focus on this subject and not on how to measure the rated power.

Major topics of standardization
In standardization, we have to take care for two things:
  • We have to describe the minimum safety specs
  • and the need to operability
So, these are the two major topics of standardization."

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Ebike Future Conference
The full video of Hannes Neupert`s speach and all other conference videos are now available at the conference website:   

>> Ebike Future Conference  

*only available at

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Video recording and lecturing: Hannes Neupert  

Video editing and online publication: Angela Budde   

Picture: Video screenshot  

28th May 2020

Last update: 1st June 2020




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