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Pedelec Test 2011/12: Test Seals

The test seals of each pedelec tested 2011/12 are now published. Each tested pedelec is categorized. Four main categories represent customer needs, namely (...)

(...) city, comfort, leisure, and transport.

In order to answer the question: "Which product satifies which client wishes the best", these categories are sub-categorized into product groups. E.g. Easy Pedelecs for e-mobility in cities, Business Pedelecs for business types and Sport Pedelecs for action junkies.

All catories an product groups:
>> Comfort-Urban-Transport-Leisure

Overview Test Seals 2011/12

Category URBAN

Easy Pedelecs
Kalkhoff Pro Connect C8 Disc: Test Winner Easy Pedelec
>> Photo
Flyer T5R Deluxe: Very Good
>> Photo
Sparta RXS Light: Good
>> Photo
Victoria Le Mans: Very Good
>> Photo
VSF Fahrradmanufaktur P700: Very Good
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Easy Pedelec

Business Pedelecs
Bulls Green Mover E45: Test Winner Business
>> Photo
Flyer R XT Deluxe: Very Good
>> Photo
Kalkhoff Pro Connect BS 10 DL: Very Good
>> Photo
Stromer Elite: Very Good
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Business Pedelec

Mixed Mobility Pedelec
BH emotion Folding: Test Winner Mixed Mobility Pedelec
Mobiky-16 Youri: Good
>> Photo
Susmo B1: Good
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Mixed Mobility Pedelec

Category Comfort

City Comfort Pedelec
Kreidler Vitality Elite: Test Winner City Komfort Pedelec
>> Photo
Giant Twist Elegance Power: Good
>> Photo
Kalkhoff Impulse: Very Good
>> Photo
Kettler Hybritec Obra Comfort: Good
>> Photo
Panther TE-9C: Very Good
>> Photo
Pegasus E-PREMIUM: Very Good
>> Photo
Raleigh StokerB: Very Good
>> Photo

>> Information on City Comfort Pedelec

Classic Pedelec
Zemo ZE8: Test Winner Classic Pedelec
>> Photo
Raleigh Impulse: Very Good
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Classic Pedelec

Reha Pedelecs
No vehicle meets the criteria of the product group Reha Pedelec.
Manufacturers of Reha Pedelecs are warmly invited to take part in the test 2012:
>> Test 2012: Register now!

>> Information on product group Reha Pedelec

Category Leisure

Tour Pedelec
Raleigh Leeds: Test Winner Tour Pedelec
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Tour Pedelec

Sports Pedelec MTB
ave XH5: Test Winner Sports Pedelec MTB
>> Photo
Cube EPO2: Very Good
>> Photo
Stevens E-6X DISC: Very Good
>> Photo

Sports Pedelec Road
Bulls Green Mover E45: Test Winner Sports Pedelec Road
>> Photo

Wellness Pedelecs
ave XH5: Test Winner Wellness Pedelec
>> Photo
BH Bikes Emotion Neo: Very Good
>> Photo
Grace MTB: Very Good
>> Photo
Kettler Hybritec Obra Plus: Very Good
>> Photo
Remsdale Boomerang: Good
>> Photo
Sachs Beast: Good
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Wellness Pedelec

Transport Pedelecs

Family Pedelec
Kettler Hybritec Obra Light: Test Winner Family Pedelec
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Family Pedelec

Utility Pedelec
iBullit: Test Winner Utility Pedelec
>> Photo
Yuba Mundo Radkutsche: Very Good
>> Photo

>> Information on product group Utility Pedelec

No Product Group
ave XH7: Very Good
>> Photo

Moskino Bike: No Test Seal
>> Photo
Victoria Vicky-e: No Test Seal
>> Photo
Wondervelo City: No Test Seal
>> Photo

>> Photo Gallery

>> Pedelec Test 2011/12: Award Ceremony

Text: Angela Budde
Photo: Angela Budde

Product photos: Hannes Neupert

22 March 2012
Last update: 29 March 2012



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