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TRANSPORT: Family Pedelec

You want to be mobile with your family in an environment-friendly way. The Family Pedelec is what you need for family excursions and when you have to "schlepp" the whole kit and caboodle around with you in the city.

As a vehicle used every day by you and your child, it has to be especially secure and reliable. A strong motor is a necessity. After all, it has to accommodate the extra weight of a second (small) person, transport accessories, such as a child seat, trailer and possible other luggage. So, it should have a good peak load support (U-factor: hill) of at least 1. It should be able to handle a load capacity of at least 115kg.

With a minimum range of 30km, you will never run out of motor support - even with frequent stopping and starting in the city, or on short trips. A reliable battery display is absolutely indispensible. A comfortable seat, suspension, fittings for safe cycling in the city traffic, fenders and a simple-to-use user interface makes your life easy.

This pedelec delivers you and your child to your destination quickly and safely.



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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