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Key Technologies for LEVs - Part 3 - Digital Drive Systems

State of the global pedelec market and technology - where does it go? Key technologies for LEVs which will drive the next 10 years of innovation - part 3.

On 26th November 2019, Hannes Neupert, Chairman ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V., talked online at the "Ebike Future Conference".   

Topic: State of the global pedelec market and technology - where does it go?   

• Self introduction
• Market of pedelecs today
• Market drivers in the past*
• Market drivers today*
• Key technologies for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) which will drive the next 10 years of innovation!
• Disruptors? Who will become the "Elon of the Pedelecs"? 

Watch part 2 of "Key technologies for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) which will drive the next 10 years of innovation!": 

>> Key technologies for LEVs - part 3 (vimeo) 

Core Technologies
Core technologies which will happen hopefully the next years to be fully industrialized:

>> digital drive systems

>> EnergyBus

>> EnergyTube

>> injection molded plastic frames, e.g. NUVELOS URBANEE-Speedbike 

Digital Drive Systems
"Forget about mid motors. A mid motor is a very stupid idea.

It has had some good reasons why the mid motor was strong in the market but its the wrong thing to do.

Especially when you combine it with a derailleur. 

The future is definitely a series hybrid. You have a pedal generator and one or two electric drives in the hubs or near by the hubs like in the EE-Speedbike, developed by the Institut of Industrialisierung und Automatik GmbH (IAI) in Wernigerode. 

Read more about the EE-Speedbike and other digital drive systems in the ExtraEnergy Magazine no. 12 online:

 >> ExtraEnergy Magazine no. 12 (issuu) 

So, the total efficiency of the human being will be enlarged and is is optimized. It will be possible to keep this efficiency always in the sweet spot.

This will make more fun. What makes more fun will sell better.  

So, this will be the killer application and will kick the electric bike to be much more appreciated by the customers.  

Ebike Future Conference
The full video of Hannes Neupert`s speach and all other conference videos are now available at the conference website:  

>> Ebike Future Conference 

*only available at 

>> Key Technologies for LEVs - Part 2

>> Key Technologies for LEVs - Part 4

Video recording and lecturing: Hannes Neupert  

Video editing and online publication: Angela Budde  

Picture: Video screenshot    

30th January 2020  



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