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Key Technologies for LEVs - Part 2 - injection molded plastic frames

State of the global pedelec market and technology - where does it go? Key technologies for LEVs which will drive the next 10 years of innovation - part 2. Excerpt of the Ebike Future Conference 2019.

On 26th November 2019, Hannes Neupert, Chairman ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V., talked online at the "Ebike Future Conference".  

Topic: State of the global pedelec market and technology - where does it go?  


  • Self introduction
  • Market of pedelecs today
  • Market drivers in the past*
  • Market drivers today*
  • Key technologies for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) which will drive the next 10 years of innovation!
  • Disruptors? Who will become the "Elon of the Pedelecs"?
Watch part 2 of "Key technologies for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) which will drive the next 10 years of innovation!":  

>> Key technologies for LEVs - part 2 (vimeo) 

Early Influence Stage
"I would say the limitation of the market is the number of people in the world.

Every person has a cell phone, at least statistically. And for the people who don’t have a cell phone are the people who have two cell phones.  

The market so far only accepts step by step design evolution.

No revolution happened yet. So far, it is like the first cars which are horse carriages.

In the last years, we have seen more of these battery integrations.

Still, its a bicycle from its general design. It`s not an industrial product. Its totally handcrafted. 

So, my conclusion: Electric bikes are still in a very early influence stage.

The great time is still ahead of us! So I hope I will still be alive when we have fully adult electric bikes coming, please go ahead! 

Core Technologies
Here are the core technologies which will happen hopefully the next years to be fully industrialized:

>> digital drive systems

>> EnergyBus

>> EnergyTube

>> injection molded plastic frames, e.g. NUVELOS URBAN, EE-Speedbike

Reasons why injection molded plastic frames are a core technology:
  • 2 days lead time
  • easy integration of components
  • precise
  • light
  • low energy footprint
  • easy to recycle
  • cost effective
  • long life-time
This technology is coming and there are already several companies making this.

I would say so far, the holy grail is not there yet.

Most people are not coming from the bicycle industry. Whatever, we are happy what we have." 

Ebike Future Conference
The full video of Hannes Neupert`s speach and all other conference videos are now available at the conference website:  

>> Ebike Future Conference 

*only available at 

>> Key Technologies for LEVs - Part 1 

>> Key Technologies for LEVs - Part 3

Video recording and lecturing: Hannes Neupert  

Online publication: Angela Budde  

Picture: Video screenshot    

14th January 2020

Last update: 30th January 2020



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