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Sundin, Eric

Owner of Electric Bikes Northwest


Born 1942 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Staff Editor: Please tell us something about your career and profession.
Eric Sundin: Moved to New York City in 1965 to further pursue my career in international ocean shipping.

SE: When and how did you get involved in LEVs?
ES: I was fascinated by the odd assortment of tiny cars and covered motorcycles, which proliferated when I grew up. Later as a hobby I custom built electric motorbikes and converted cars to electric. In 1996 I founded Electric Vehicles Northwest, an LEV dealer in Seattle, WA.

SE: What is your personal motivation to work in LEVs?
ES: For most of my life I have been an activist in issues such as the environment, energy, transportation and fitness. Furthermore as a life long cyclist I find the principle of augmenting rather than replacing human power revolutionary and believe that the pedal-activated electric bike holds exceptional promise on numerous levels.

Contact information:
Electric Bikes Northwest
110 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103

Languages: English and Swedish

January 14, 2006



7.-12. September 2021, IAA, München, Testparcours

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