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COMFORT: Dutch Pedelec

If you are into tradition, high quality and relaxed cycling, the Dutch Pedelec is your bike. lire la suite...


URBAN: Easy Pedelec

With the Easy Pedelec you zip around the city effortlessly and with the minimum of stress. The vehicle attracts attention with its strong resemblance to traditional bicycles.  lire la suite...


COMFORT: City-Comfort Pedelec

The City Comfort Pedelec is the ideal vehicle for getting around town comfortably. lire la suite...


URBAN: Mix Mobility Pedelec

Small, but classy and very mobile! The Mixed Mobility Pedelec is ideal for so-called hybrid commuters, ie. people who travel part of the distance to and from work every day with a bus, metro, train, or car. lire la suite...


URBAN: Business Pedelec

Do you commute in and around the city regularly, maybe even operate a professional courier service? Then the Business Pedelec was made for you. lire la suite...


TRANSPORT: Family Pedelec

You want to be mobile with your family in an environment-friendly way. The Family Pedelec is what you need for family excursions and when you have to "schlepp" the whole kit and caboodle around with you in the city. lire la suite...


TRANSPORT: Utility Pedelec

You might have a transport business, or work as a transporter. The Utility Pedelec is a multi-functional vehicle for transporting loads (such as mail, pizzas, cases of drinks) and passengers. lire la suite...


COMFORT: Rehabilitation Pedelec

The Rehabilition (Reha) Pedelec is a mode of transport and training device specially developed for the rehabilitation field. lire la suite...


LEISURE: Tour Pedelec

You just love bike tours and to be out and about. You need the Tour Pedelec built for long trips, the tourism industry and leisure times. lire la suite...


LEISURE: Wellness Pedelec

Do you follow the trend of combining leisure time, fitness training and having fun in fresh air and wide open spaces? You should be riding a Wellness Pedelec. lire la suite...


LEISURE: Sports Pedelec

One thing you know: Sport and electric vehicles are not mutually exclusive. In fact, an electric vehicle adds fun to sport. lire la suite...


Calendrier :

7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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