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Nouvelle direction ExtraEnergy Test GmbH

Sandra Winkler est le nouveau Managing Director de ExtraEnergy Test GmbH (entité en charge des tests comparatifs des vélos électriques). Les méthodes de mesure et de contrôle restent uniques et inégalées à ce jour afin de garantir des résultats fiables et indépendants. Sandra Winkler travaillait déjà pour ExtraEnergy depuis juin 2012 comme chargée de relation avec les constructeurs et les distributeurs de vélos électriques (pedelecs et d'e-bikes).

ExtraEnergy e.V. (a registered association) has carried out independent pedelec and e-bike tests since 1992. Since then the association has established itself as the world’s most influential organisation for information exchange, consumer protection and promotion in the Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) field.

In what is a growing market, the association’s remit is to accelerate development through regular testing and information exchange events, and to push for quality control measures in the LEV sector. The measurement technology and methodology used in the biannual Pedelec and E-bike Test is unique, and, as ever, the results are completely independent. Media coverage from the likes of ARD, ZDF and 3 SAT demonstrate the reach of the association’s influence.

Focus on service

Sandra Winkler has already served with ExtraEnergy since June 2012 as the main contact point for pedelec and e-bike manufacturers and dealers. With her skills in organization, administration and recruitment she has been a driving force behind ExtraEnergy Test GmbH from the start. Born in Unterkoskau, in Thuringia (central Germany), she described her objectives as Managing Director of ExtraEnergy Test GmbH: "In my professional life to date I have always focused on quality and service, and I will stay true to these fundamentals as Managing Director of ExtraEnergy Test GmbH. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work, along with my Technical Director colleague Uwe Keilhauer, with the whole ExtraEnergy team."

Sandra Winkler took over the leadership role from Sebastian Plog in January 2014. From 2012 onwards Sebastian Plog had directed the formation of ExtraEnergy Test GmbH from the ExtraEnergy association. He will continue to direct the Autumn 2013 Test until publication of the results is completed.

Test results for the Pedelec and E-bike Test Autumn 2013 will be published in Spring 2014 in ElektroBike Magazine and online at


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Copy: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland (

Picture: ExtraEnergy Test GmbH

31 January 2014


Calendrier :

3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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