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The call of the mountains: the powerful yet quiet mid motor delivers extreme levels of fun, especially on steep ascents. It´s an off-roading machine where integration is king. lire la suite...


Brinckers Bretagne M8 - Classic Very Good

Sleek and classic looks with super running performance but tentative brakes. A bike with stable straight-line performance which also rides surprisingly well without its motor. lire la suite...


Brinckers Granville M330 - Classic Good

A harmonious overall impression. Safe, easy-rolling and pleasant ride. Well suited for city, country and gentler hilly terrain, but on steeper gradients you may want more power. lire la suite...


LLobe City-E-Bike Blue Glider

A colourful pedelec in the lower price category, and with significant weaknesses. For what it is, at 1008,4 Euro it seems rather expensive. lire la suite...


ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards presented

On the 15th April 2018, the ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards were presented to the winners of the 2017 test season.  lire la suite...


M1 Spitzing Worldcup - Test Winner Sport Road, Good Sport Offroad

Good, safe, fast: a bike of superlatives and not just in technology and looks: also in price.  lire la suite...


Klever X-Speed - Test Winner Lifestyle, Easy Good, Sport Offroad Good

An exceptional performance: after accelerating up smoothly it gives a powerful “seven- league boots” feeling. A stable frame and wide tyres provide a solid ride and safety.  lire la suite...


Riese & Müller Load touring HS - Test Winner Cargo Family*

*Very Good Easy, Very Good Commercial Cargo 50kg+, Good City-Comfort, Good Tour lire la suite...


Radkutsche Rapid Test Winner Commercial Cargo 50kg+ & 120kg+*

*Very Good Cargo Performance, Good Easy, Good Business lire la suite...


Stromer ST2 S - Business Test Winner, Tour Good, Easy Good

Stromer has set a new benchmark with the ST2 S: perfect ride performance, integrated design and top-end... lire la suite...


QWIC Premium MN8 - Test Winner Classic, Good Easy, Good City-Comfort

A classic, top-class pedelec: the QWIC Premium MN8 combines an upright riding position and low step-through with pleasantly smooth assistance,... lire la suite...


Riese & Müller Delite touring HS - TW Tour & City-Comfort, VG Easy

The master of range, and it doesn’t just swallow up the miles, it also irons out any bumps along the way. A top class pedelec 45 for a grand tour, and also for your daily... lire la suite...


Torrot Citysurfer - Test Winner Folding Pedelec, Easy Good

A Spanish high-flyer in fresh Superman blue. It surprised with plenty of power and solid handling on all of the test routes.  lire la suite...


FOCUS JAM² C Plus Pro - Test Winner Sport Offroad

Raw power and lurid colours: this is a bruiser of a bike designed superbly for off-road trails, and which also rides as if on rails on-road. It's a test win for the FOCUS JAM² C Plus Pro in the Sport Offroad product group. lire la suite...


Flyer TX-Serie - TW Easy & Family VG City-Comfort G Tour

With the powerful TX, FLYER cruised in style to victory in the Easy and Family product groups, also attaining a ‘Very Good’ in the City-Comfort group,... lire la suite...


Ergonomics Test 2017/18

The focus in the Ergonomics Test is the pedelec in everyday use. ExtraEnergy and the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) warmly invited. Photo gallery now online. lire la suite...


ExtraEnergy seeks test riders Oct./Nov. 2017

Due to numerous additional test bikes, a further Riding and Ergonomics Test will take place. The test period of the Riding Test is from 26 October to 9 November 2017.
lire la suite...


Why join the Ergonomics Test?

4th October 2017, Wassenaar, NL. Interview: Marieke Haafkens (Marketing & Communications Leasure Team, ANWB) and Joyce Luk (Marketing & Communications Ensurance Team, ANWB). lire la suite...


Ergonomics Test to exchange experience

4th October 2017, Wassenaar, NL. ExtraEnergy interviewed Bert Bosman (editor, "I am very interested in developments, they are still going on. There is a big future for bicycles." lire la suite...


Focus themes for the September 2017 ExtraEnergy Test

Offroad pedelecs, lifestyle pedelecs, folding / compact pedelecs, youth pedelecs, cargo pedelecs, tandem pedelecs, add-on kit pedelecs, drive systems overview, vehicle to X and apps. lire la suite...


ANWB and BIKE BILD: strong partners

ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs for 25 years - 2017 was a year of superlatives - and 2018 will be even better! lire la suite...


61 drive system manufacturers at EUROBIKE 2017 – the key trends

Significant developments are redefining state of the art technology: we summarise the key trends for you below. lire la suite...


ExtraEnergy Test 2017/18

Register your pedelecs and e-bikes now. Delivery of vehicle/s until 3rd September 2017. Exclusion when delivered after 13th September 2017. Free of charge bonus options: BIKE BILD, ANWB and Norsk elbilforening. lire la suite...


Ergonomics Test in Wassenaar – call for testers

3rd and 4th October 2017, Wassenaar, Netherlands. Test pedelecs for their everyday usability. Take part – learn all about them – and take them on test rides. ExtraEnergy and the ANWB warmly invite you to participate. lire la suite...


ExtraEnergy seeks test riders

The latest ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-bike Test starts on the 8th September 2017. New drive systems, new technology and fitness outdoors. Women of all ages are especially welcome. lire la suite...


Calendrier :

7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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