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Hartje i:SY cargo

A nippy compact cargo pedelec from Hartje, the “i:SY eCar:go” has an agile and silent ride, and the price and components are something special!

The “i:SY eCar:go” is the only cargo bike of those on test which employs compact 20 inch wheels both front and rear. This makes it very manoeuvrable and somewhat shorter, which both saves space and makes riding it, especially for unpractised riders, somewhat easier. Test riders praised the good overall ride quality and stable handling even when laden. Hartje has opted for the silent GO SwissDrive Motor in the rear hub for the assist system, and this cuts in immediately and provides even assistance. On the hills the motor could have delivered a little more, and on this section, as also on the tour and city sections, the power assist factor was towards the lower end of the test field. On the flat it’s no problem, but if you ride often in the hills you will need to do some athletic pedalling. The range however is respectable, despite the fact that only one battery is fitted as standard – this is mounted behind the very solid wooden box. Two children can sit on the bench seat of the “i:SY eCar:go“, and a rain cover is planned. For the test riders and for ExtraEnergy it’s quite clear: the “compact cargo pedelec” concept has proven its worth!

>> Photo Gallery 
Hartje i:SY cargo (flickr)

+ start and push assist
+ remaining range display
– high total weight

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 86,6
Ø Speed Tour: 22,5
U-Factor Tour: 0,79

Range Hills: 32,2
Ø Speed Hills: 18,2
U-Factor Hills: 0,91

Range City: 42,4
Ø Speed City: 14,7
U-Factor City: 0,85

Vehicle Weight: 48,6 kg
Battery Weight: 3,3 kg

Vehicle Price: 3699 € 
Sensor Type
Torque sensor
Suspension seatpost, Speedlifter, child carrying module, regenerative break
Hermann Hartje KG
Deichstr. 120-122
27318 Hoya
>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17 (flickr)

Text and Image:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

4 May 2017


Calendrier :

27th February to 1st March 2020, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

20th to 22nd March 2020, Praha, Czech Republic, FOR BIKES CZ

18th to 19th April 2020, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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