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Pedelec Award Ceremony / Eurobike 2016

Le 31 aout 2016, EUROBIKE, Friedrichshafen, Germany. ExtraEnergy procédra à la remise des prix du pedelec and e-bike test 2016 sur le main stage du salon Eurobike. inclus : trendshow Cargo & Family Pedelecs. lire la suite...


Test Special Cargo Pedelec 2016

Les vélos cargo à assistance électrique ont la côte actuellement dans l'industrie. Il a fallu une dizaine d'année pour que ces produits utilitaires du quotidien s'imposent dans le paysage des villes et des applications professionnelles. lire la suite...


A2B Ørsted

A distinctive bike for distinctly brisk rides which you don’t mind at all ending up longer than you planned. This comfortable bike masters even the roughest routes effortlessly. lire la suite...


Cargo pedelecs - child carrying

Child carrying bikes are very widely used across the Netherlands and in Denmark, and even the Danish Crown Prince and Princess are seen regularly riding from their castle carrying their successors in a cargo bike. lire la suite...


The ExtraEnergy Cargo Pedelec Test 2016 at a glance

What, how and why. Test bikes and test procedure. Ride testing. Lessons learned and potential for developments in the cargo pedelec market. Special demands on the drive system. Motor position and gears. Steering, and handling in general. Special components for cargo pedelecs. lire la suite...


24 years of ExtraEnergy Tests

Solar mobility activity for 34 years. Changing image: from embarrassing to cool. Hannes Neupert (President ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V.) in the editorial of the ExtraEnergy Magazine. lire la suite...


Test rider Thomas Schmidt

Cargo pedelec everyday and tour test rider 2016, Thomas Schmidt, provides free cargo pedelec rental. He wanted to know the latest cargo pedelecs, alongside some of the most experienced cargo bike riders around. Read his profile here. lire la suite...


Test rider Eric Poscher

Cargo pedelec everyday and tour test rider Eric Poscher is the author of the book CARGO BIKE BOOM. He wanted to see the latest technical developments and to make a systematic comparison of the various different cargo pedelecs. Read his profile here. lire la suite...


Binova flow worldwide

March saw test-rides on the Binova flow at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016, and in April, Binova will send the production version to the ExtraEnergy test circuit. "We are now, in late March, starting to deliver our Binova flow drive systems." lire la suite...


Calendrier :

7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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