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Offer: ExtraEnergy consulting services

ExtraEnergy kicks off 2021 by launching consulting services in the LEV sector across the globe!! lire la suite...


Offer: Test IT Track for Event Organizers and Sponsors

Turnkey delivery and operation for organizers, eg. as a contemporary attraction at trade fairs, corporate events, city festivals or in the context of conferences. Or become a brand ambassador as a sponsor. lire la suite...


Offer: Pedelec Testing Station St. Maria

Offer: Demonstration of a pedelec, e-bike, e-scooter, bicycle parking or other product related to Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) at the Pedelec Testing Station St. Maria in Stuttgart, Germany. lire la suite...


Offer: Advertisement in the ExtraEnergy Newsletter

With your banner ad you can reach once up to 27.433 registered recipients of the pedelec in-crowd in German and English. lire la suite...


Offer: LEV Components Special Exhibition

The Special Exhibition is dedicated to the presentation of technologies and products in the field of LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) components. lire la suite...


Offer: ExtraEnergy Public Relations for Premium Exhibitors

Press releases, articles, newsletters, photo galleries, interviews and videos. With our public relations work about your Check-IN booth, you turn into a premium exhibitor. We address your target group directly lire la suite...


Offer: Co-exhibitor at the Test IT Track

Fahrrad Essen, Germany, 25th - 28th February 2021 & Taipei Cycle Show, Taipei, Taiwan, 3rd - 6th March 2021. Co-exhibitors have the opportunity to present their vehicles directly at the Test IT Track: We provide 9 sqm + lighting wall + table + stool + carpet + booth construction. lire la suite...


Offer: Prototype and Drive Unit Test

Comparative measurements for pedelec prototype and drive unit manufacturers according to the ExtraEnergy test method in Tanna, Germany. A new timeline is currently being evaluated. lire la suite...


Calendrier :

7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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