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Tout sur le TEST 2009

Avec le nouveau test, ExtraEnergy intègre aussi les constructeurs de vélos électriques dans les tests. Les résultats des tests seront publiés en Mai. Les visiteurs des événements de démonstration peuvent également participer aux tests lors des essais grand public. Nouveautés, procédures d'essai, et pour les constructeurs, procédure d'inscription ici.

From the beginning of 2009 ExtraEnergy will lead a new test process to follow up with the rapid development in the electric bicycle market, and to make the testing more effective. The goal: shorten the test time, publish results faster, and reduce the logistical effort between the two existing test centers in Tanna and Kirchheim. This will enable more tests to be carried out every year.

New Test Procedures
A test phase will only last around 10 days. It includes the following tests: 5 test riders ride every bike with full on-board measuring equipment. In addition, every bike will run about 100 test rides with non-professional test riders at public events in Lorsch and Germernsheim, Germany, as well as in Tanna. The technical measurement sets are virtually finished to enable 30 bikes to be tested at the same time. Testers no longer ride the bikes until the battery is empty, like our earlier tests, rather, they now go a shorter distance. Therefore the basis of the test is the real experience of the rider and performed output. In the end what matters is whether the bike is fun to ride or not. No machine or test bench can provide these results. This big part of the test is carried out in Tanna. The bike riders continue to be provided by ExtraEnergy. The manufacturers can also participate. If possible, they can be present during the entire test phase as eyewitnesses to the testing events. This way they can help to quickly spot and correct breakdowns during the test. Being present at the test is also an excellent way to maintain contact with other manufacturers and learn about competitive products.

Customers can also test ride
Two events in April are being held for those who would like to give either one bike or the whole tested fleet a try. Just as a completely normal test ride, all of the technical measurements are on board providing data, which is later evaluated. The first event where all the test bikes can be tried out will be on the 24 and 25 of April 2009 in Lorsch (Nibelungenhalle), Germany. The second option will be offered on April, 26, 2009 at the custom bike fair "Spezi" in Germersheim, Germany.

Publication of the Results in May
The highlights of the technical results will be published at the end of the test week in Tanna at a press conference on May 8, 2009. The complete evaluations and reviews will appear in June on, and in the July/August edition of “Aktiv Radfahren” magazine, with a special section devoted to pedelecs and e-bikes, as well as other publications.

Evaluation by Target Groups
The new evaluation system from ExtraEnergy, the so-called Quality Function Deployment Method (QFD), was presented in March, 2008 at the LEV Conference in Taipei. This method assumes that certain target groups have particular needs. With help of a counting system, the tested bikes with these needs are analyzed and evaluated.
More on the new evaluation method

Large Test Exhibition at Eurobike
For the 2009 Eurobike, the expo center in Friedrichshafen will finish further halls. On the east entrance there will be an entirely new lobby. For all the visitors of the expo the first eye-catcher will be the test exhibition. In classy glass showcases the trial bicycles together with the results will be on display.

Test Schedule and Highlights

January 23, 2009
Publication of test route and test criteria at (German, English will follow soon)

February 9 - 10, 2009
Info meeting in Tanna for all manufacturers who are interested to participate in the test

February 23, 2009
Registration deadline for test participation

February / March 2009
Publication of supporting program in Tanna

March 23, 2009
Payment deadline for test participation

Until April 2009
ExtraEnergy will purchase additional bikes for the test which are representative for the market offer

April 3, 2009
Delivery deadline of participant questionnaires

April 16, 2009
Delivery deadline for test vehicles to be tested in different frame versions

April 16 - 22, 2009
Verification of test vehicles to be tested in frame versions

April 23, 2009
7:30 - 8:30 AM Delivery of identical test bikes, that are delivered personally for the test event in Lorsch, Germany.

April 23, 2009
Preparation of first test run: Installation of measuring equipment, checking of battery cable connections, numbering of test vehicles, measuring of weight, calibration of measuring instruments

April 24 -25, 2009
Test rides by many volunteer riders on the ExtraEnergy TEST IT Track in Lorsch, Germany, with measuring instruments on board. Ergonomics testing, studio photos etc.

April 26, 2009
More test rides at the ExtraEnergy TEST IT track at the special bike show “Spezi” in Germersheim, Germany

April 28 - May 6, 2009
Test rides and supporting program for participating manufactureres in Tanna

May 7, 2009
Final evaluation of technical test results

May 8, 2009
Press conference with announcement of technical test results (highlights), publication at

May 2009
Production of editorial test reports

June 2, 2009
Editorial deadline for the July/August issue of “Aktiv Radfahren” magazine which will include a special report on electric bikes with all test results

June 2009
Publication of test reports at in multiple languages

June 26, 2009
Appearance of the July/August issue of “Aktiv Radfahren” magazine in the German news trade. It will include a 30-page special on electric bikes with all test reports.

June / July 2009
Mechanical permanent tests at Velotech in Schweinfurt
Norm conformity tests at SLG in Chemnitz

August 2009
Installation of test bikes in glass showcases for the ExtraEnergy test exhibition at Eurobike 2009

September 2 - 5, 2009
Test exhibition in the entrance area of Eurobike 2009

More details will be listed in the participant information.

Registration Materials for Manufacturers

For participation in the test, one test model needs to be delivered to ExtraEnergy. This means either two identical pedelecs/e-bikes or two bikes with different frame construction.

Application deadline: Februar 23, 2009.

Participant information and registration form
(PDF download, 64KB)

Test route and test criteria
(PDF download, 3.6MB)

Last updated: April 2, 2009


Calendrier :

7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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