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EnergyBus Standard (EBS) to be Unveiled in Taipei

The first serial products with the EnergyBus Standard (EBS) will be presented by EnergyBus e.V. in Taipei on 13 March 2011. An EBS-compatible battery charger with fitting batteries, developed by EnergyBus member Panasonic, will be unveiled at the event, as well as a new membership option.

EnergyBus e.V. first started working on the standardization of the electrical components of light electric vehicles (LEVs), such as pedelecs and e-bikes, back in 2002. On 13 March products adhering to the EBS communication protocol - and ready to go into serial production - will be unveiled for the first time in Taipei.

Discounted membership option
A new membership option, called the "Adopter membership", will also be launched at the event. Adopter members will use the EnergyBus Standard (EBS) and its specifications for two years at half the normal membership fee. Unlike associate members, adopter members will have a limited say in the organization. They will, for instance, not be able to participate in technical committees working on the further development of EBS. This offer is open to companies joining till 14 March 2011.

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The past
Currently the organization has over 30 members, including companies such as Bosch, Sanyo, Panasonic, Philips, Varta, BionX, Alber, ExtraEnergy, the ITRI Institute Taiwan and many medium-sized companies such as Rosenberger, Odu, HTEnergy, Clean Mobile, Ultra Motor, Gepida, MBZ and Electragil.

Electragil presented a pedelec completely built with (preliminary) EBS components in 2010. It is called the Impuls and is a showcase for EBS, since it was co-developed by a number of members, including Panasonic, HiTech, Electragil and Rosenberger.

Looking ahead
The fast-growing market for LEVs into which ever more products are launched by ever more manufacturers need a standard enabling components to be joined together freely and enabling them to communicate safely in a uniform language.
Currently, the only existing option is EBS, which is expected to do for the LEV sector what USB has done for the IT industry. Manufacturers of LEVs, plug systems, motors, batteries etc. are welcome to contribute to the further development of the EnergyBus Standard (EBS).
>>More information about membership
>>More about the EBS premiere of the Impuls pedelec
>>Join as adopter member
>>Join as associate member

Copy: Nora Manthey
Translator: Christoffel Volschenk
Last updated: 4 March 2011



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