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Pedelec Award Ceremony / Eurobike 2016

Le 31 aout 2016, EUROBIKE, Friedrichshafen, Germany. ExtraEnergy procédra à la remise des prix du pedelec and e-bike test 2016 sur le main stage du salon Eurobike. inclus : trendshow Cargo & Family Pedelecs.

The winners of the pedelec and e-bike test spring 2016 will be honoured on 31st August 2016 at EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Visit the Pedelec Award Ceremony in the spotlight of the fashion show stage in Foyer East.

Europe´s biggest cargo pedelec test

Wasilis von Rauch und Arne Behrensen will give an insight into Europe´s biggest Cargo Pedelec test.

Learn more about the test bikes from the spring test 2016 in the photo gallery:

>> Impressions test bikes 2016 (flickr)

On a glance

When: 31st August 2016

Time: 12 - 13 p.m.

Where: EUROBIKE, Modenschau Bühne, Foyer Ost

Address: Neue Messe 1, 88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany


Visit ExtraEnergy also within the EUROBIKE Academy:

>> EUROBIKE Academy 2016

Copy and translation: Angela Budde

27 June 2016


Calendrier :

May to September 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Probierstation, St Maria

6th to 8th May 2018 Shanghai, China
Shanghai Cycle Show

8th June 2018, Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria
E-Bike Congress

9th to 10th June 2018, Brixent im Thale, Austria
E-Bike Festival in den KitzbŘheler Alpen

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