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e:bikefestival dans les Alpes Autrichiennes

Du 2 au 3 juillet 2016, à Kirchberg, dans le Tirol Autrichien, vivez une expérience extraordinaire... Essayez le velo electrique de votre choix dans l'une des plus belles destinations vélo du monde !

With the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track on site, this second e:bikefestival in the Kitzbühel Alps, on the 2nd and 3rd July 2016, offers the opportunity of the year to test-ride electric bikes. The huge selection of electric bike models lets you experience for yourself the widest possible variety of riding sensations. And with the LEV Components Special Exhibition, themed leisure rides, a ‘night owls’ ride, electric bike riding techniques training, speed testing and a pedelec book tour, it’s a remarkable experience like no other. 

Find your dream pedelec

ExtraEnergy is bringing bikes from the following Test IT Show partners to the e:bikefestival:


>> Binova

>> Bafang

Test IT Show partner E. ZIEGLER Metallbearbeitung AG will be presenting the ‘SECURE’ locker facility for charging electric bike batteries securely:


In addition, the test winners from the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test will be available for test riding.

Among them is the Kalkhoff Integrale 10, test winner in the ‘Easy’ product group. If you like your bikes simple and uncomplicated, this could be the perfect pedelec for you.

>> read the test results

Looking for a travel companion? You might just meet your match with this TX-series Flyer, test winner in the ‘Tour’ product group.

>> read the test results

Are you seeking a reliable family pedelec? The Kettler EXPLORER HDE remains relaxed even under the heaviest loads.

>> read the test results

Do you love the sweet city life and your creature comforts? With its elegant ‘trapez’ frame and well-balanced ride quality, the Traveller E, test winner in the ‘City-Comfort’ product group, rode straight into the hearts of our test riders.

>> read the test results

Looking for a like-minded partner? Stromer has set a new benchmark in the ‘Business pedelec’ product group with the ST2 S.

>> read the test results

Yearn for adventure? The Bergamont Contrail C 8.0 Nyon, test winner in the ‘Sport Offroad’ product group, makes it quite clear where it wants to go: up the nearest steep hill.

>> read the test results

Looking for a partner to spend some quality time? With its unusual frame geometry and the highest power assist rating of any of the test bikes, the M1 Schwabing Belt Drive rode to a clear test win in the ‘Lifestyle pedelec’ product group.

>> read the test results

Do you crave maximum flexibility? With its Q-POWER, Klever has delivered a compact all-rounder with a striking design in the ‘Folding and Compact’ product group.

>> read the test results

The ExtraEnergy Test IT Show

The Test IT Show is a test track on which all sorts of pedelecs and e-bikes can be test-ridden. Its layout includes curves, straights and an almost 20 m long section with a 10% gradient for ‘hill-climbing simulation’. Test riding has proven itself the most persuasive way to convince people about electric vehicles. Even sceptics become electric bike riders with huge smiles after a few circuits of the test track. And among these riders are often people who have not cycled at all for many years before.

New mobility for new thinking

This fun-factor will result in the pedelec eventually becoming an everyday form of transport, in which role they can be an effective countermeasure against physical inactivity, the main cause of the diseases of modern civilisation, as experienced pedelec users have already discovered. Testament to this is a comment from someone who has ridden pedelecs for many years, heard by side of the Test IT Show track: “I’ve had an electric bike for three years now. I can’t imagine anything more wonderful.”

LEV Components Special Exhibition

ExtraEnergy invites those attending the e:bikefestival to the LEV Components Special Exhibition.

The Special Exhibition is dedicated to the worldwide presentation of technologies and products in the field of LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) components. Participating exhibitors provide information on their product offerings in three languages (English, German and Chinese) via custom-made posters, and on the special features of each particular product. Furthermore, it’s possible to enjoy an interactive experience, with direct hands-on experience of the products at each exhibit. Exhibitors, powered by ExtraEnergy, are: Bafang, Shanghai YingYu Electronics, EnergyBUS e.V., BATSO e.V., Greenway Battery Co., Ltd., TD HITECH ENERGY INC., IDbike, BionX International Cooperation, ZEHUS s.r.l., pironex GmbH, Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG, emtas GmbH, Marquardt Mechatronik GmbH, SCHWALBE | Ralf Bohle GmbH, Brose Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Robert Bosch GmbH, Binova GmbH, DAPU, Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd., PHYLION BATTERY CORP., LTD., Gates CarbonDrive, Komsa Kommunikation Sachsen AG, SantaMonica EV, MPF, Taya Chain Co., Ltd., Modiary Co., Ltd., Shengyi.

ExtraEnergy cordially invites you! Come to the e:bikefestival and experience the latest pedelecs in all of their variety for yourself!

Participation opportunities

Potential exhibitors who are interested in taking part in the LEV Components Special Exhibition, and/or the Test IT Show, can obtain further details on participation, and terms and conditions of booking, via:

>> Booking form (PDF)



At a glance

What: An electric bike festival

When: 2nd – 3rd July 2016

Where: Klausen 2, A-6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria

Entry: free

Further details at:


Copy: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland

Picture: e:bikefestival Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixtental /

25 April 2016


Calendrier :

21st to 24th February, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

27th to 30th March 2019, taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

6th to 7th April 2019, Bocholt, Germany, Radtrends Bocholt

27th und 28th April 2019, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

6th to 9th May 2019, Shanghai, China, China Cycle Show

21st June 2019, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria
E-Bike Convention

22nd and 23rd June 2019, Westendorf, Austria, E-bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen

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