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Test 2015/16: ExtraEnergy Magazine n°13

L'édition n°13 du magazine ExtraEnergy sur les Pedelecs et les E-Bikes vient de paraître en anglais et en allemand, et comprends ce semestre 26 tests détaillés. Pour vous y retrouver dans le choix du vélo électrique qui vous correspond, sans oublier de faire un essai sur route avant tout achat.

In this, the 13th edition of the ExtraEnergy Magazine, the spotlight is firmly on the test results for the 2016 models which we tested in Autumn 2015, a total of 26 bikes. Seven of these pedelecs were crowned test winners, having most closely matched the requirements set for their particular product category.

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>> ExtraEnergy Magazine no. 13 (issuu)

Find your perfect pedelec via the product categories

Want something simple and uncomplicated? Then the Kalkhoff Integrale 10, test winner in the easy product category, could be just the pedelec for you. Seeking a travel companion? The TX Series from Flyer, tour category test winner, might be your perfect match. Or are you looking for a reliable family pedelec? The Kettler EXPLORER HDE, part of their Heavy Duty range, will keep its cool even under heavy loads. Perhaps you’re a connoisseur of the city, and crave comfort? With an elegant ‘trapez’ frame well-balanced ride quality, the Kettler Traveller E, test winner in the city-comfort category, may steal your heart. Or do you need a business partner? With its ST2 S, Stromer has set a new benchmark for the business pedelec category. Thirsty for adventure? The Bergamont Contrail C 8.0 Nyon, test winner in the sport offroad product category, has a clear destination in mind: up the nearest mountain! Looking for a partner to share the good times? With its unusual frame geometry, and highest power assistance figures among all of the bikes on test, the M1 Schwabing Belt Drive rode to a clear test win in the lifestyle pedelec product category. Appreciate maximum flexibility? With their Q Compact Power, Klever have delivered a compact all-rounder with a striking design in the folding+compact category.

Not all of the bikes submitted for this test are included in these published reports. Fahrrad XXL were obliged to withdraw their Carver Route e03 and PHT E CPS models from the test, although the results were excellent. The reason was changes in the specification between the test bikes and production models, so that these bikes were no longer representative of mass production bikes currently available. The ExtraEnergy Test only publishes test results for bikes which match production models actually on the market. This ensures the best possible consumer confidence, and that we are informing purchasers about products which are available to buy.

We hope that you will find your perfect pedelec within these pages, but don’t forget to take a thorough test ride before you buy. And do take advantage of ExtraEnergy Test IT Show events to obtain a first riding impression of the best pedelecs from this test; you will find the full events listing at

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Copy: Angela Budde, Hannes Neupert

Translation: Peter Eland

Picture: büro pluspunkt (

3 March 2016



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