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Test Special Cargo Pedelec 2016

Les vélos cargo à assistance électrique ont la côte actuellement dans l'industrie. Il a fallu une dizaine d'année pour que ces produits utilitaires du quotidien s'imposent dans le paysage des villes et des applications professionnelles.


ExtraEnergy mettra ces produits sur le grill des tests de printemps 2016, avec une série de tests spécifiques dédiés à cette typologie de produits et d'utilisations. Avis aux constructeurs :



→ jusqu'au 6 Avril

livraison des pedelecs et e-bikes


→ jusqu'au 20 Avril

livraison des cargo bikes


→ jusqu'au 11 Avril

Tests de roulage, incluant les tests off-road et ergonomiques, suivis ensuite par les tests spécifiques sur les cargo bikes.


→ jusqu'au 21 Avril

Inscription pour les produits déjà testés.
Tests cargo pedelec : 21 au 29 Avril, 2016

Où : ExtraEnergy touring et everyday circuits de tests à Tanna, Germany

Bénéficiez de 15% de remise pour un enregistrement anticipé ! (attention derniers jours)


ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs and e-bikes since 1992 in Tanna, Germany. Each year ExtraEnergy carries out Spring and Autumn Tests, each with up to 40 bikes, and these tests are recognised internationally as authoritative benchmarks.

Objectives of the Special Cargo Pedelec Test

  1. To give an informed market overview both for industry specialists and end users.

  2. To raise product awareness through high-impact media partnerships.

  3. To support the further product optimisation by means of the test results, which will be intensively discussed with manufacturers before publication.

Test set-up

The test bikes will be divided into two application categories (child transport and business use) as well as into four vehicle categories: single track, with or without extended wheelbase; multi-track; and heavy transport for payloads over 100 kg.

The test will run under real world conditions at the well-proven ExtraEnergy test circuit in Tanna, which was also used for the first cargo pedelec test in Autumn 2013. ExtraEnergy’s unique and specially-developed measurement technology will gather data during the test rides to determine key metrics including range, power assist levels and drive efficiency.

In a separate Ergonomics Test the everyday usability and intuitive operation of the bikes and their add-ons for child-carrying or business use will be evaluated.

External Experts

The concept, implementation and media work for this special test will be supported by cargo bike experts Wasilis von Rauch (e-Rad Hafen) and Arne Behrensen ( who led the pioneering project „Lasten auf die Räder!“ (Cargo onto Bikes!). There will also be a visitor's day when test participants, experts and media partners will be invited to Tanna for information exchange and networking.


Media partners

Test results for consumers will be published by ExtraEnergy's permanent media partner, the German e-bike magazine Special-E. Complete test results will be published in German, English and Chinese in the ExtraEnergy Test Magazine. The special e-cargobike test will also be covered by journalists writing for magazines for parents, as well as trade magazines for trades people and logistics operators.

Costs for test participation

  • 3450 Euro for one test bike, 2900 Euro for small manufacturers (up to 10 staff)

  • 950 Euro for re-publication of a bike which has already been tested, or for a second cargo module version of a test bike

  • 15% “Super Early Bird” discount for registration up to the 31 January 2016

  • 10% “Early Bird” discount for registration up to the 29 February 2016


  • Binding registration from now on 

  • Closing date for registration and deadline for delivery of bikes: 20 April, 2016 

  • Testing: 21 to 29 April, 2016 

  • Trade Day for trade visitors, journalists, and for manufacturer discussions: 27, 28 or 29 April, 2016 (tbc)

  • Presentation of test winners at the ExtraEnergy exhibition space at EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen, Germany (31 Aug. to 4 Sept., 2016) and on ExtraEnergy test parcours at major German bike and e-mobility events


ExtraEnergy Test GmbH

Hannes Neupert and Uwe Keilhauer

Koskauer Str. 100

07922 Tanna - Germany

Tel. +49 36646-3298-0

Fax. +49 36646 27095


Contacts cargo pedelecs

Arne Behrensen 


Wasilis von Rauch


Copy: ExtraEnergy Test GmbH, Arne Behrensen, Wasilis von Rauch 
Picture: Urban Arrow

Translation: Peter Eland

Online publication: Angela Budde
16 November 2015

Last update: 20 January 2016


Calendrier :

21st to 24th February, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

27th to 30th March 2019, taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

6th to 7th April 2019, Bocholt, Germany, Radtrends Bocholt

27th und 28th April 2019, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

6th to 9th May 2019, Shanghai, China, China Cycle Show

21st June 2019, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria
E-Bike Convention

22nd and 23rd June 2019, Westendorf, Austria, E-bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen

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