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HiTech Energy sur ExtraEnergy / TBW 2015

HiTech Energy, spécialiste des batteries, tenait présence au Splendor Hotel durant la Taichung Bike Week 2015. HiTech Energy est aussi présent sur l'exposition thématique LEV Components.

Rencontre et interview avec Constance Chiu, Senior Manager chez HiTech Energy.

The interview was conducted by Josephine Fischer (Trade Show Reporter).

Josephine: Why are you at Taichung Bike Week?

Constance: Last year we didn´t attend the Taichung Bike Week, this year we have a booth because of ExtraEnergy. It might be a good idea to come over here, because our president Mo – Hua Yang is famous in cycle industry, lots of people know him. Still we have people who don´t know us, so it´s a good opportunity to become more popular. There is always a chance to explore new companies. Still lots of the traditional bike companies try to enter the electric bike market. Many people come over here to ask questions because they don´t have sufficient knowledge about Light Electric Vehicle business. For them it´s difficult to understand the market and we help them with our exclusive knowledge.

Josephine: What makes your products special?

Constance: The difference is that we have a group of technical people at ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan) we work with. So we have lots of engineers, who are capable of developing new technology.

Furthermore, we have good connections with different sales suppliers like Samsung, Panasonic and LG. And those are key component suppliers and we have the membership of EnergyBus. It makes us special because we entered quite early into this market. 

Josephine: Have you planned new products for 2016?

Constance: For 2016 we have developed an inframe battery. In January 2016 we can develop new batteries for customers and they will be seen at Taipei Cycle Show 2016. We will use new high capacity cells. Because of our relationships with sale suppliers, we usually can get samples at early stage – so we help our customers with new technology cells at early stage with the development of new products.

Josephine: Where do you sell your products?

Constance: Our main market is Europe, and we go for the US market, furthermore we try to develop the Chinese market, but our expertise is in technology and not in prize, so in China expansion is harder. We may be able to get into the e-car market in China and also in storage. So we try to find some cooperation in that area. 

For more information, please visit the HiTech Energy website:


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Copy, translation and picture: Josephine Fischer

29 October 2015


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