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ECF au salon de Frankfort (IAA 2015)

ExtraEnergy interview Nicolas Urien (Directeur du projet  Cycling for Growth Initiative) lors du salon de Frankfort (IAA). Le consortium EnergyBus est aussi membre du CIC (Cycling Industry Club) de l' ECF (European Cyclists' Federation). Finalement, les choses changent dans la bonne direction. L'ECF exposant au salon de l'automobile de Frankfort (IAA) aurait été inimaginable quelques années auparavant.

An interview with Nicolas Urien (Project Director Cycling for Growth Initiative) at the New Mobility World at the International Motor Show (IAA) Cars, conducted by Angela Budde (Editor,

Angela: What is the goal of the Cycling for Growth Initiative?

Nicolas: Cycling for Growth Initiative is a leading joint project between ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) and CONEBI (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry). The goal of the project is to extend the influence of the bike industry in Europe and to put strongly cycling into the EU industrial agenda. We are convinced that cycling has a major role to play in supporting growth and jobs creation in Europe. And, to do so, it is key that we create the conditions to unlock billions further in European public expenditure on cycling and e-cycling.

Angela: Why are you exhibiting at the International Motor Show (IAA) Cars?

Nicolas: To spread the word: cycling is good for growth and jobs in Europe! EnergysBus is a member of ECF's Cycling Industry Club (which comprises bike companies that want to extend their influence in Europe) and we are delighted to promote together cycling, e-bikes and pedelecs here at the world's largest motorway.

What do you think about the New Mobility World?

Nicolas: We welcome such initiative to think about the transport of tomorrow. It is clear that the latter will be sustainable and connected. And let me assure you that cycling will take its share to reveals new intermodal perspectives for a sustainable and efficient transportation system. Our presence here is a proof that things have changed in the right direction: this would have been unthinkable a few years ago. We look forward to repeat such experience next year in Paris!

Text and picture: Angela Budde

24 September 2015


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