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EnergyTube - La batterie du futur

EUROBIKE, le 28 août 2014. EnergyTubes : solide, fiable, sûr, multi-usages, redimensionnable à loisirs, connectable en réseaux et peu honéreuse... Présentation du système de batteries EnergyTube sur l'espace conférence de l'exposition spéciale LEV Components à EUROBIKE. Téléchargements disponibles.

EnergyTube - The battery of the future: rugged, reliable, safe, all-purpose, scalable, networked, and inexpensive

We finally put an end to the thousand different types of batteries and chargers. With EnergyTube you have the uniform mobile storage for pedelec, lawn mowers, solar storage, electric scooters, impact drill and all other devices not to be run via cable. An intelligent housing system allows memory of different size to match. The built-in electronic communication system makes it possible to rent or to exchange charged or empty memory stations in future. A project based on the standards of EnergyBus and BATSO.

>> EnergyTube (PDF)

>> ropa Evolution (PDF)

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Impressions of LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE:

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8 August 2014

Last update: 17 September 2014


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