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Shenzhen Sempu Motor présent ŕ LEV Components

EUROBIKE, du 27 au 30 août 2014. Hands-on experience. Le boitier de pédalier avec capteur de couple de pédalage intégré Sempu ainsi que leur nouveau moteur moyeu roue avant seront présentés sur l'exposition spéciale LEV Components foyer Est, 1er étage.

From 27 to 30 August 2014, Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the LEV Components Special Exhibition in Foyer East, 1st floor at EUROBIKE 2014.

The product range of Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd. are torque sensors, motors and electric bike conversion kits. The Bottom Bracket Double Side Torque Sensor and the Integrated Front Hub Motor designed oriented for DIY convenience of cyclist enthusiasts are the core products.

For further information, please download the following presentation:

>> product presentation (PDF)

Bottom Bracket Dual Side Torque Sensor

At the LEV Components Special Exhibition,Sempu is exhibiting the Integrated Front Hub Motor and for hands-on experience, the Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor.

Technical description

The Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor outputs a voltage signal. The signal and the pedal force is linear proportional. Pedal force increases every 10kg, 0.15V voltage changed. The detectable maximum pedal force is 60kg. The input signals into sine wave with the crank angle. The outputs in 0° and 180° are zero. Maximum output is in 90° and 270°. Each rotation of 11.25°, the Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor outputs a speed signal. The shaft rotates a circle with 32 speed signal output.

Product advantages

The advantages include faster start and quicker response. No more temperature drift issue with high reliability in low temperature. Compatibility with standard bottom brackets, more easy to install and flexible length options, custom dimension and compatible with mid-drive motor.

>> Product photo (flickr)

Front Integrated Hub Motor

Sempu is currently developing and expanding the Sempu Drive System to people worldwide. The Front Integrated Hub Motor is compatible with torque and speed sensors. In mass production, the customer can use the own logo. Technical details: 36V, 200 - 250 W, max torque: 40 N.m.

The double sided pedaling measurement output of the motor drive system will help cyclists to enjoy a smooth, seamless riding feeling. Users find that the Sempu Motor gives an easier and faster riding.

>> Product photo (flickr)

Meet Sempu at EUROBIKE

At EUROBIKE 2014, Sempu will exhibit at the LEV Components Special Exhibition, Foyer East, 1st floor.

To arrange a meeting at EUROBIKE 2014, please contact Mr. Jerry Yu (Sales Manager) via email or by phone:


Tel. +86 0755 27732110

About Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd.

Sempu is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing intelligent drive system solutions and key componens for electric bikes. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of industry with more than 15 years experience in developing and manufacturing electric bike drive systems. The head office is in GongMing Town, China with about 30 - 50 employees. Main markets are Europe, North America and Asia.

For further information, please visit:


About the LEV Components Special Exhibition

The LEV Components Special Exhibition is an easy way to get a quick overview on LEV components offered by suppliers from all over the world.

In 2014, the LEV Components Special Exhibition has been shown at Taipei Cycle Show/Taiwan, CeBIT/Germany, China Cycle Show/China, Battery Conference/Germany, and VivaVelo Conference/Germany. Upcoming shows are EUROBIKE/Germany, INTERMOT/Germany, eBikeTec/Germany and Challenge Bibendum/China.

How to participate

Potential exhibitors interested in participating at the  following trade shows can receive further details and booking conditions from Isabel Wolf (Project Coordinator) at:


>> Details and booking form (PDF)

Please find further background information on the LEV Components Special Exhibition here:

>> LEV Components Special Exhibition - World Premiere

Follow the event on Facebook:

>> EUROBIKE: LEV Components Special Exhibition

Text: ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG, Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd. The product information is the respective company´s own and does not necessarily represent ExtraEnergy´s editorial policy.

Picture: Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd.

24 July 2014

Last update: 25 July 2014



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