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Tests vélos électriques 2014 : pedelecs et e-bikes Magazine No. 10

Le magazine n°10 ExtraEnergy sur les tests comparatifs des pedelecs et des e-bikes, est disponible pour la première fois en 3 langues : anglais, allemand et chinois.  16 résultats de tests détaillés. Cette 10ième édition est particulièrement dédiée aux composants pour les VEL, vélos électriques, pedelecs et e-bikes. Bonne lecture.

16 detailed test results. Find your perfect Pedelec.

Information leads to greater quality

Information leads to greater understanding, to fairer competition and finally to more safety and quality. For 22 years, the goal of ExtraEnergy e.V. has been to accelerate development and quality in the LEV sector. Since then the organisation has established itself as the most influential information organisation for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) worldwide.

Increasing demand for pedelecs and e-bikes has led to increasing demand for LEV components. At the same time, concise information is thin on the ground. So, this edition focuses on LEV components.

Download the tenth edition here for free:

>> ExtraEnergy Magazine No. 10 (PDF)

Or flip through the magazine online here for free:

>> ExtraEnergy Magazine no. 10 (issuu)

The pedelecs

Category urban

  • Hercules · Edison DI2

  • Kettler · Obra Ergo RT

  • Kettler · Traveller E-Light


Category comfort

  • Focus · Thron Impulse Speed 10G XT

  • A2B · Kuo

  • Hartje · I:SY

  • Kalkhoff · Sahel Compact Impulse 8R

  • Pro-movec · portable 7 tec

  • Fischer · Trekking Proline Damen

  • Fischer · Trekking Proline Herren

  • Raleigh · Dover Impulse Ergo XXL


Category leisure

  • Utopia · Kranich Dual Drive

  • TREK · Powerfly+ 9

  • Haibike · XDURO Pro 27.5

  • M1 · Erzberg Pedelec SLX


Category transport

  • GIANT · Prime E+


LEV Components Special Exhibition

The LEV Components Special Exhibition is a new service of the ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG which was founded in September 2013. The touring exhibition is dedicated to make technology and products visible all over the world.

In this tenth edition, the following LEV Comonent manufacturers introduce themselves:

  • Clean Mobile by TQ Systems

  • Songzhen

  • Bafang

  • Wuxing

  • Plug’n Charge

  • IDbike

  • Forsee Power

  • HiTech Energy

  • King-Meter

  • Stealth Electric Bikes

  • Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic

  • E. ZIEGLER Metallbearbeitung AG

  • Greenway Battery

  • Peter Opsvik AS

  • Methode Electronics

  • Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd.


In 2014, the LEV Components Special Exhibition has been shown at Taipei Cycle Show/Taiwan, CeBIT/Germany, China Cycle Show/China, Battery Conference/Germany, and VivaVelo Conference/Germany. Upcoming shows are EUROBIKE/Germany, INTERMOT/Germany, eBikeTec/Germany and Challenge Bibendum/China.

Make use of our event offerings such as conferenc- es, test ride events and training tours: you will find them a goldmine of information.

We look forward to meeting you!

Enjoy reading.


ExtraEnergy e.V.

Text: ExtraEnergy e.V.

Picture: Moritz Grünke (

15 August 2014


Calendrier :

11th & 12th January 2020, Stuttgart, Germany, CMT Fahrrad-&WanderReisen

17th to 19th January 2020, Dresden, Germany, SachsenKrad/e-bike-days

27th February to 1st March 2020, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

4th to 7th March 2020, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

20th to 22nd March 2020, Praha, Czech Republic, FOR BIKES CZ

18th to 19th April 2020, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

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