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Grace S. Ruan – Wheel Giant Inc.

By invitation of Jean Chen, Grace S. Ruan (President & Publisher Wheel Giant) participated in the LEV educational trip from 2 to 6 September 2013. "I can recommend this trip. You can learn very good which is good for the Taiwanese industry."

Grace S. Ruan is president and publisher of Wheel Giant Inc., Taiwan which began operation in 1982 as an agent for professional bicycle magazines and international trade shows. In 1984, Wheel Giant was formally established as a company. Founder Grace S. Ruan positioned Wheel Giant as an all-around professional bicycle information source, and for over 30 years the company has worked alongside and grown together with the Taiwanese bicycle industry.

From 2 to 6 September 2013, Wheel Giant founder Grace S. Ruan toured together with ExtraEnergy and Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers throughout Germany. Grace S. Ruan told ExtraEnergy background information and her opinion regarding the trip.

“I already visited a lot of countries, e.g. South America, Brasil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Czech  Republic…nearly each country worldwide. Germany has a good efficiency and quality control. I think, Germany insists of the rules, although there are several different factories. I am happy that a lot of German companies adopt Taiwanese and Chinese products. Although Chinese products have to be improved and adjusted to reach European demand.

At this trip I found out that ExtraEnergy has done a good job. Hannes Neupert (President  ExtraEnergy e.V.) is also focused in testing of pedelecs and e-bikes. He always  thinks about how to improve and how to recommend, even when it comes to batteries. He knows what is good for a healthy future of the electric bike industry. This means different unique stylish systems and more choice to meet the customer wishes.

Electric bikes are healthy and environmental protective. So, we need an industry that goes a right and healthy way. This would be good for the industry and the consumers. Electric bikes are a big number in China. 600,000 units are for export. 35,000,000 units were produced in 2012. Just a small number for export to meet the market demand.

China could have more opportunities to learn and to improve. More and more of the bike industry produce electric bikes. The Chinese industry needs more experience to improve. Hannes Neupert can do a lot help to China to improve and to upgrade the level.

At this trip, I think we got good experience to learn. As a journalist, I can advise the industry with conceptual ideas how to improve the products. Although Taiwanese products have a good standard because we have good experience in the European market. But we still have to learn.

I can recommend this trip because you can learn very good which is good for the Taiwanese industry to get a lot of ideas from visiting. I think, Hannes does a good job to improve the knowledge.”

About Wheel Giant
Primary publications of Wheel Giant are TBS (Taiwan Bicycle Source) and CBES (China Bicycle & E-Bike Top Suppliers), Bike & E-Bike Market Update and Bike Market Update, Cycling Update, Bicycling, Outside as well as Complete Guide to Cycling Around Taiwan, Official Guide to the Tour de France and Guide to the 50 Most Popular Bike Paths.


Anyone who is interested to participate in future educational trips is warmly invited to contact tour organizer Jean Chen via e-mail:


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Text: Angela Budde

Picture: Jean Chen

8 October 2013




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