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Zhao Jie - Fujian Menshine New Energy Vehicle Technology

From 2 to 6 September 2013, Zhao Jie (General Manager) of Fujian Menshine New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., LTD participated in the educational tour throughout Germany to get further information on the European market.

EE: Why did you participate?

ZJ: I am very interested in the electric bike market in Europe.

EE: What is different?

ZJ: The electric bike market in Europe is higher in price while electric bikes are much cheaper in China. Currently, our company is exporting to Australia. But we also want to export to Europe in the future.

EE: When was your company founded?

ZJ: Our company was founded 17 years ago. We are producing electric bikes since this year.


Anyone who is interested to participate in future educational trips is warmly invited to contact tour organizer Jean Chen via e-mail:


Tour days:

>> LEV Educational Trip – from History to Future

>> LEV Components Tour SRAM - Schaeffler - TQ

>> Tour: Riese & Müller - Messingschlager

Text and picture: Angela Budde

8 October 2013



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