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Smike - Two in one Bike

Swiss company Smike AG, headquartered in Luzern, has developed the first bicycle with detachable side-car. The multifunctional vehicle has been introduced to the market in late 2006 with optional electric drive.

Swiss company Smike AG has first presented a touring bicycle with detachable side-car at Eurobike 2006 in Friedrichshafen.

The high-end, modern-looking touring/city bike rides with side-car just as well as without it. The side-car can easily be attached with just a few turns to take a second person along or carry loads. Even trips uphill are comfortable to ride with the electric hub motor system by Heinzmann, which Smike offers as an option.
During numerous test rides and promotion events, Smike presented itself as multifunctional vehicle for every-day use. It can, in fact, adapt to many different needs like a chameleon and fulfills what its mascot pledges: Smike with side-car is narrow enough to use bicycle lanes, it is flexible enough for tours through the country side, and strong enough to carry loads up to 75 kg. The seat, which is equipped with a safety belt, is wide enough for a crate of drinks to fit underneath. It can also be flapped up if more space for loads is needed.

What is special about the Smike concept is that rider and passenger sit side by side and can talk to each other. This way, a mother, for example, can easily keep an eye her child. For mothers taking their children, Smike offers speciality child seats which can easily be attached onto the side-car.

How a Mexican Idea turned into a Swiss Product
Smike has it's origin in Mexico. The simplicity and high utility of the bicycle rickshaws in Mexico inspired the later founders of Smike AG to develop a similar product for the European market. This product had to be an every day utility bicycle, light-weight, taking turns and riding uphill easily. It also had to meet European requirements in terms of quality, safety, and design.
On the long, adventurous way from the idea to the serial product, German bicycle development company Hawk Bikes and Craftsmen Design Team in Berlin played a major role. Finally the Smike history took it's turn to Taiwan where it is pre-produced at Pacific Cycles today.

Smike AG has been founded in Luzern, Switzerland, in January 2004. The highly motivated team lead by Rita Suter, now distributes the first Smike series in Switzer-
land and Germany. The Smike distribution and service office is located in Maschwandern, Switzerland. The young company shares the facility of a former cheese factory with Swiss bicycle firm, who has specialized in low-maintenance bikes and exclusive projects.

Smike also distributes through their online shop at (German language). Numerous accesssories like child seats, locks, replacelemt batteries, are also available at this link.

Permitted on the Roads
Smike has a obtained road permission from the Swiss Ministry of Transport (Astra). For carrying people in Switzerland, a local permission is still necessary.
The German TUV has classified Smike as a bicycle by the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. Consequently, Smike can fully be used in Germany without any further requirements.

Technical Details
• strong and light-weight touring bicycle with aluminum   frame
• comfortable and easy to ride
• easy to take corners thanks to a bending mechanism
• high-end components
• side-car easy and quick to attach or detach
• models Easy or Turbo
  (with electric drive unit from Heinzmann)
• shock absorber at the side-car for best bank
• payload max 75 kg
• foldable seat for adults
• child seat attachable
• only 1m wide, can be used on bike lanes
• TUV tested

Further technical details can be found at

Currently, Smike (with side-car) is participating in the ExtraEnegy Pedelec and E-Bike Test. The results will be published at after the test is completed.

Smike AG
Obergrundgasse 50
Postfach 3164
CH-6002 Luzern

Tel: +41-41-248 70 84
Fax: +41-41-248 70 89

Foto Gallery
(by Smike AG, Susanne Bruesch, Ondra Veltrusky)

December 18, 2006



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