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On 7 March 2012, the BATSO (BATtery Safety Organization) workshop worked on a safe and simple life with batteries for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Why BATSO, how much for test and certification, and why are there no recycling rates for LEV batteries? Read the answers here.

One day before the Taipei Cycle Show, a total of 26 representatives of the LEV industry exchanged the latest information on battery development and battery safety of LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles).

Venue was the building of TD HiTech Energy Inc., Taipei, Taiwan. The company HiTech Energy Inc. is a Taiwanese battery pack manufacturer and BATSO member.

Hannes Neupert (CEO BATSO e.V.) launched the lecture series of the BATSO workshop and explained the importance of BATSO. „Some vendors are doing a very good job in their labs - but not all of them.

For the vehicle manufacturer, dealer and the user, it is not comprehensible whose batteries are safe or unsafe. This threatens the entire industry. The potential danger can turn out extremely different. After 10 years of experience in battery testing, this fact can be clearly documented. In the event of an accident, the population identifies all LEV batteries as equally dangerous / safe. An example is an article about a fire in an apartement building, caused by a self-ignited lithium battery. The article named neither the manufacturer of the bike nor the battery type. The reader couldn`t differentiate.  The result is that Pedelecs are generally perceived as potentially dangerous.

With BATSO certified batteries, that wouldn't have happened. Our desire is that no one has to worry about battery safety any more. We hope that there will be even more BATSO test laboratories worldwide in the future. Everyone is welcome to join the BATSO eV.

>> Membership application form (PDF)

Consumers are advised to look for the BATSO seal before buying a pedelec.

How much is the Certification?

Sven-Olaf Steinke, General Manager TÜV Rheinland (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on the Battery Testing Center in Shenzhen which has an area of 360 sq.m. The lab was specially built for carrying out the BATSO tests on LEV batteries.

„When we are working to full capacity, we have several explosions per week. Checks for crush and overcharge are the tests where most batteries fail.

BATSO testing and certification normally takes 4 weeks, in case no test has to be repeated. Usually, we start with partial tests. This enables the manufacturers to overwork their batteries again. This method has proven itself and helps manufacturers to save time and money. The cost of the standard test amount to 5,000 to 6,000 €. The cost of the United Nations Transportation (UN-T) Test is included in the price. This is cheaper than building an own lab, since the investment for a company-owned laboratory can amount to several million euros.

BATSO is a marketing tool for battery manufacturers. We recommend to test and certify under the BATSO rules. Each laboratory can apply as BATSO test lab."

>> TÜV Rheinland - Battery Testing Center - Shenzhen (PDF)

BATSO simplifies Life
"The basic idea of BATSO is to make life easier," said Tim Schafer (president of BATSO Technical Committee). „The industry is warmly invited to benefit from the implementation.“ Schäfer informed on the 2nd edition of the BATSO 01 standard which was published in March 2012. Since then, the new standard is available for certification.

>> BATSO Technical Committee - Status, Challenge, Outlook (PDF)

BATSO available for everyone
Matthias Baumann (TÜV Rheinland) about the work of the BATSO Workgroups: "In the future, we will publish the BATSO 02 standard, which will be extended to further types of batteries."
All documents of the current BATSO 01 Standard, the workshops, the Technical Committee and news can be downloaded for free at:


umicore Battery Recycling
In the occasion of the BATSO workshop, expert knowledge of battery recycling was presented by the company umicore. The company is a global player and its history goes back 200 years. Ken Hsiao, Commercial Services & Operations Manager, spoke about practical experiences of a battery recycling company. "In Taiwan, end of life batteries can be brought to consumer markets, wherefrom they are collected. Just companies who are licensed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan) are allowed to collect them. Approximately 100 companies have this license in Taiwan."

Wanted: Recycling Rates for LEV Batteries
Hannes Neupert (CEO BATSO e.V.) spoke on behalf of Peter Gutzeit (Treasurer BATSO eV, ib-rec GmbH). "In Europe, we face the problem that consumers don`t give back their LEV batteries because the bike was so expensive. According to battery recycling legislation, every collector has to report and to fulfill a recycling quote. So far, none can fulfill this recycling quote. Practically, this law was not enforced.

According to dealers of Biketec, the company will offer pedelecs without batteries in spring 2012. The batteries can be rented seperately. This will ensure return and recycling of LEV batteries.“

How to improve Battery Safety?
„In China, LEVs are necessary. In Europe, they are just a life improvement“, introduced PhD Mo-Hua Yang (President TD HiTech Energy Inc.). „Efficiency and liability are highly important. The key factors are material (chemistry), cell (mechanicals), and module/pack (electronics). These key factors must be understood to enable improvement of battery safety.“

BATSO - Safety for Manufacturers and Consumers
Manufacturers can give their prototypes to independend third parties, e.g. TÜV Rheinland, for testing according to BATSO requirements. Advantage of BATSO is the compliance in two aspects: Safety during transport and use. This accelerates the whole test procedure.

Only BATSO meets these two aspects and thus brings together manufacturers and consumers as it is safety for both sides.

>> Photo Gallery BATSO Workshop

>> BATSO Membership Application Form


Copy: Angela Budde
Photos: Angela Budde, Reno Heßlich, Benjamin Wu

4 April 2012




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