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Velofollies – New Trend in Consumer Shows?

The first edition of the public bicycle event Velofollies took place in Kortrijk, Belgium, from Dec 14-17, 2006. Despite those busy days just before Christmas, over 15,200 visitors came to the Kortrijk Xpo Center to experience the fun of bicycles in all their variations.

The combination of activities, demonstrations, the presence of cycling teams and cyclists, booths with cycles and accessories etc. was well appreciated by the public. Enthusiastic thumbs-up from visitors, exhibitors, cycling teams and cyclists proved that Velofollies successfully brought a new show concept into the cycling world.  

Highlights of Velofollies included the presentation of the new Quickstep Innergetic team, whom the general public could meet for the first time. The Trials with world champion Kenny Belaey also attracted the audience. For the BMX competitions and initiations, an Olympic standard indoor cycling track filled a complete hall and was praised by Belgian Indoor BMX champions such as Arnaud Dubois. On De Lustige Velodroom, visitors could test ride all sorts of funny bicycles. Electric bikes completed the range of cycling options on the ExtraEnergy TEST It Track.

Prime Minister of the Flanders federal government and sponsor of the event, Yves Leterme, praised the organizers for setting up an excellent show program. They are already busy planning Velofollies 2007.

Photos of Velofollies by Susanne Bruesch

More about electric bikes at Velofollies

February 16, 2007



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