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Michelin Promotes Pedelecs

At Challenge Bibendum held in Paris in June 2006 pedelecs and e-bikes were part of the technical testings and promotion activities. The French Minister for Ecology visited the ExtraEnergy Test Track.

After taking place in Europe, USA, China and Japan, Michelin organized the 8th Challenge Bibendum in Paris from June 8-12, 2006. The well-known event focused on road mobility of the future and its technology such as fuel-cells and alternative fuels. The programm included technical vehicle tests, promotion activities, ride & drive, an exhibition called “Learning Center”, a rally through the heart of Paris and an international forum with high-ranking speakers from industry and politics.

2,500 participants represented about 100 companies, non-governmental organizations and institutions that concern themselves with sustainable mobility and the improvement of road safety. Among them were names such as Daimler-Chrysler, Bosch, Honda, Audi and others. 1,500 press representatives were registered.

The 2006 Challenge Bibendum showcased advances adressing three key issues:
• The energy challenge fro tomorrow's road mobility
• Advanced technologies to serve road mobility which is   becoming more urban
• Technology and road safety.

Pedelecs and Politics
In cooperation with ExtraEnergy, EV-ShowRoom from Lyon organized the presentation of pedelecs and e-bikes at the CERAM, the automotive test track and research facility in Mortefontaine near Paris. Mrs. Nelly Olin, the French Minister for Ecology devoted her attention to electric two-wheelers by visiting the ExtraEnergy Test Track.  

This shows a general goal of Challenge Bibendum––to give communicators and political decision makers an understanding of what sustainable mobility means and requires.

In memory of Edouard Michelin
Challenge Bibendum was first held in 1998 in honor of the 100-year birthday of Bibendum, the Michelin Man. This year it was dedicated to the momory of Edouard Michelin, the founder of the event, who passed away in late May 2006. Together with his brother André he actively promoted sustainable mobility.

For the last 150 years and for the first time in history, the human race can move faster than was designed for. The car has brought along this feeling of freedom. But also side effects such as traffic jams, pollution and noise. The task is to bring the freedom of mobility in harmony with everybody's right to live in a healthy environment. It's a challenge, and this is why Challenge Bibendum exists.

Photo Gallery:
Technical Tests
Promotion and the ExtraEnergy Test Track
Rally through Paris
Exhibition (Learning Center) and Vehicles

More about the technical Tests
Challenge Bibendum Website
EV-ShowRoom Website

July 17, 2006



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