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ExtraEnergy for Asparagus Queens and Korean Bike Fans

Not only did the “Asparagus Queen“ of Lampert-heim cruise along the Try-out Track on a pedelec. ExtraEnergy will also promote pedelecs in Korea. An overview of ExtraEnergy highlights 2006.

German “Asparagus Queen” on a Pedelec
From March 31st  to April 4th ExtraEnergy ran their Try-out Track at the Industry Trade Show in Lampert-
heim, Germany, with different pedelecs and e-bikes available for test riding. Lampertheim is an area for growing asparagus and the Queen of the popular vegetable was chosen during this event. She took a turn on the Helkama Jubilee and obviously enjoyed it.

Try-out Track at Deutsche Museum in Munich
On May 13 - 14 and 20 - 21 from 9 am to 5 pm  visitors of  Deutsche Museum in Munich had the chance to test ride pedelecs and e-bikes on the ExtraEnergy TEST IT Track. This events were an addition to the Light Electric Vehicle Exhibition at Deutsche Museum Verkehrs-
zentrum, which showed historic and futuristic vehicles as well as all bikes tested in the ExtraEnergy 2006 Pedelec- and E-Bike Test.
More about the LEV Exhibition at Deutsche Museum
Test Award Ceremony at Deutsche Museum

Michelin showed Future Mobility in Paris
Challenge Bibendum took place in Paris on June 8-12, 2006. The event with technical testings, promotion, congress and a rally through Paris was organized by Michelin and drew the attention of politicians and specialized press as well as of the public to the mobility of the future. ExtraEnergy presented pedelecs and e-bikes on the TEST IT Try-out Track in cooperation with EV-Showroom from Lyon.
Report and Photos of Challenge Bibendum
LEV Tests at Challenge Bibendum
Challenge Bibendum Website

Try-out Track and Exhibition at Eurobike and IFMA Cologne
At both bicycle trade shows in Germany, Eurobike (Aug 31 - Sep 3, 2006) and IFMA Cologne (Sep 14 - 17, 2006) The ExtraEnergy Try-out Track will, of course, not be missing. In a special LEV section, all bikes tested in the 2006 Pedelec- und E-Bike-Tests will be on display togehter with their test results.
More about ExtraEnergy at the Fall Shows 2006
More about the ExtraEnergy 2006 Test
Eurobike Website
IFMA Cologne Website

Try-out Track in Seoul, Korea
In cooperation with Jongkoo Jeong ExtraEnergy is expanding activities in Korea. Translating the Extra-
Energy website into Korean and a Try-out Track event in October 2006 in Seoul are two measures to help the Korean people re-discover the bicycle as transportation in their country.

Last updated: August 25, 2006



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