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Pedelecs in the Spotlight - for one Month in Stuttgart

The Pedelec Month in Stuttgart had a great start on September 22 with the ExtraEnergy Test Track and Test Exhibition presented in the city center. The special event will take place in different places in Stuttgart until October 20th.

The Pedelec Action Month in Stuttgart began on September 22. At the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart city center, countless visitors had fun testing out the newest pedelec models from different companies on the popular ExtraEnergy test track. Even the politicians did not miss the opportunity on this beautiful sunny day. Besides the Mayor of Stuttgart three local Ministers came for a test ride––the Minister of Economy, Agriculture, and the Minister for the Environment.

Just in front of the Neuen Schloss (New Palace) all pedelecs tested by ExtraEnergy were set out for public display in glass display cases. Here the visitors could familiarize themselves with the newest test results.

SWR (Southwest) TV included the event in their news broadcast. More …


Test Track and Exhibition at Biker's World Fair
From September 26-30, 2007 the presentation of the tests and the electric bike test track will be set out on Killensberg hill, in Stuttgart where the Biker's World fair takes place during the Bike World Cup. The display cases can be found at the entrance of the expo center, and the test track is located next to Hall 4.1, with Start and Finish at the entrance.

High-Piont: Pedelec Race
The high-point of the Pedelec Month is of course the hill race on September 29, where cyclists race agains prominents on the steepest hill in the city. The prominents are permitted to use doping––electric doping for their bikes. More…

For More Bike Traffic
The organizers of the race, Cities for Mobility, and the non-profit organizations Stuttgart Solar, and ExtraEnergy intend to meet Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster’s bike traffic plan for the city of Stuttgart. This plan intends to bring the bike traffic percentage in Stuttgart up to 20%.

September 27, 2007



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