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20 years of the word Pedelec

This year the bicycle industry is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the word “Pedelec” – reason enough to look at the origins of today’s electric bike boom and where it is taking us.


At the upcoming Eurobike show, Susanne Brüsch, who coined the term, will take the audience on a journey from the bicycle’s motorization to its digitalization. 

Developed and introduced internationally in 1999, “Pedelec” - an abbreviation for Pedal Electric Cycle - once served to distinguish between the throttle-controlled and the power-assisted types of electric bicycles and to make life easier for all those who were tired of long explanations.  What in Europe was called "e-bikes“ at the time had pedals but could ride purely electric without pedalling. This type already existed in the 1930s. The new species of electric bicycles, which requires pedaling like power steering requires steering, and which clearly dominates the European market today, came from Japan in the 1990s and was given its own name with "Pedelec".

Susanne Brüsch's lecture at Eurobike provides exciting insights into the development of today's bicycle scene and an outlook on tomorrow's mobility. The presentation will take place on Friday, 6 September at 13:00 on the stage in the Foyer East. 
Travel tips on the public day
On Saturday, September 7th, Susanne Brüsch will share her best e-bike travel tips & tricks, answering questions about the right bike, technical differences, battery charging while on the road and the right equipment. With great pictures and examples from her own travels in Morocco, Mongolia, Iceland and USA, this lecture is a must for everyone who wants to go on an e-bike trip themselves.

This lecture will take place at 14:30 on stage in the Foyer East.

Susanne Brüsch has been working internationally as a journalist and ambassador in the electric bike industry for 22 years. She has not only made a name for herself as "Lady Pedelec", but also as the first woman who went on long-distance travel with electric bikes. With spectacular tours since 2011, she keeps showing how the pedelec can literally open new horizons - for everyone. She shares her enormous experience and  impressive pictures and reports worldwide in multimedia lectures, press articles and through the channels of her own label: Pedelec Adventures. This Germany-based business has developed into a hub in e-bike travel for companies and end customers. 

Copy and translation: Susanne Brüsch

Picture: Ines Schöne

Online publication: Angela Budde

29th August 2019



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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