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Bafang 2019 Europe-wide

Fahrrad Essen 2019, Germany. Bafang drive systems on the test IT Track, which Bafang will present throughout Europe this year. Read the interview with Andre Fuchs, Countrymanager Germany, Bafang.


Andre Fuchs, Countrymanager Germany, Bafang, in an interview at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at the Fahrrad Essen 2019.
The interview was conducted by Angela Budde, Editor
Angela: Why does Bafang focus on Fahrrad Essen in 2019?
Andre: We want to reach the end user. This is the ideal opportunity to inform and test the Bafang systems on the Test IT Track which we present here.
Angela: What is the added value for Bafang through the cooperation with ExtraEnergy?
Andre: The opportunity to work together as the main sponsor of the Test IT Track is a win-win situation. This allows us to offer customers the maximum test experience of Bafang drive systems. At the same time, we offer our manufacturers the opportunity to present their pedelecs.
Angela: What could the visitors of Bafang enjoy at the Fahrrad Essen?
Andre: On the one hand a racing bike and on the other hand a very light carbon bike, both with the M800 engine. In the category MTB we show the M500 mid-engine with our new Power-Cube battery as well as a new MTB rear engine with thru axle. We also showed the H800, the newly launched Trekking City Bikes engine, the M420, and another highlight, a lightweight front and rear engine designed for clean and smart bikes. We also presented a super powerful engine, the M620, with 1KW power and 160Nm torque on a complete bike from our customer Steiner Design.
Angela: At which other fairs can you meet Bafang, together with the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track, this year?
Andre: This year, Bafang will also present the Test IT Track and Bafang drive systems at the FOR BIKES in Prague, Czech Republic, at the VELOBerlin, Germany, at the cycle show in Birmingham, UK and at the EiCMA in Milan, Italy.
Further information on the Bafang drive systems at:
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Copy, translation and picture: Angela Budde

6th March 2019
Last update: 18th March 2019



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