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Bike Boom at ExtraEnergy

11 June 2016, Open Day, ExtraEnergy, Tanna, Germany. Bike Boom - the book. Reading with Carlton Reid, the executive editor of, and the author of ´Roads Were Not Built For Cars´ (Island Press, 2015) and ´Bike Boom´ (published in 2016). Watch impressions in the photo gallery.

At the world´s only LEV museum, pedelec test rides fascinate hundreds of visitors from Tanna and the surrounding area each year, as they visit ExtraEnergy headquarters in Tanna.

Test riders came from Nuremberg (161 km), Langenargen (456 km), Vaterstetten (314 km), Riederich (389 km), Ilmenau (151 km), Erfurt (116 km) and Munich (301 km).

Watch impressions here:

>> photo gallery Open Day ExtraEnergy (flickr)

Information about the history and development of electric mobility, fascinating insights into the latest innovations and trends, plus questions and electrifying answers on the subject of pedelecs and e-bikes - there´s something for every visitor.

Bike Boom - the book
At this year´s open day, Carlton Reid, the executive editor of, introduced his books "´Roads Were Not Built For Cars´ (Island Press, 2015) and ´Bike Boom´ (published in 2016).

´Bike Boom´ is an entertaining and thought-provoking book about the unexpected resurgence in cycling in the 1970s, through to today and beyond.


'Roads Were Not Built for Cars' is a history book, focussing on a time when cyclists had political clout, in Britain and especially in America. The book researches the Roads Improvement Association - a lobbying group created by the Cyclists' Touring Club in 1886 - and the Good Roads movement organised by the League of American Wheelmen in the same period.


Find your dream pedelec
ExtraEnergy presented bikes from the following Test IT Show partners at the Open Day:


>> Binova

>> Bafang

Test IT Show partner E. ZIEGLER Metallbearbeitung AG presented the ‘SECURE’ locker facility for charging electric bike batteries securely:


In addition, the following pedelecs from the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test were available for test riding:

>> YouMo One X50 Test 2016 (flickr)

>> YouMo One C Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Utopia Kranich Pedelec mit Weber Kargo Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Keola Holland CargoBike Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Keola Delft MX Plus Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Hercules Jarvis E45 Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Hercules Cargo Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Urban Wheelz CARGO Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Urban Arrow Family Test 2016 (flickr)

>> trioBike cargo E Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Riese & Müller Load touring Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Radkutsche Rapid Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Pedalpower eHarry Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Gobax Get2 S Plus Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Bakfiets Cruiser long Test 2016 (flickr)

>> E-Trike VS 3E Test 2016 (flickr)

>> Kettler EXPLORER HDE Test 2015/16

>> Kettler Traveller E Sport Test 2015/16

>> Flyer TX-Series Test 2015/16

>> A2B Entz Deluxe Test 2015/16

>> Hercules Futura F8 Gates Test 2015/16

>> Hercules ROBERT/A PRO 8R Test 2015/16

>> Kalkhoff Include Premium 8 Test 2015/16

>> Kalkhoff Integrale 10 Test 2015/16

>> Klever Q-POWER Test 2015/16

>> Fischer Proline MTB EM 1614 Test 2015/16

LEV Components Special Exhibition
ExtraEnergy invites those attending the e:bikefestival to the LEV Components Special Exhibition.

The Special Exhibition is dedicated to the worldwide presentation of technologies and products in the field of LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) components. Participating exhibitors provide information on their product offerings in three languages (English, German and Chinese) via custom-made posters, and on the special features of each particular product. Furthermore, it’s possible to enjoy an interactive experience, with direct hands-on experience of the products at each exhibit. Exhibitors, powered by ExtraEnergy, are: IDbike, Brose, Shengyi, binova, DAPU, Bafang, Lishui Electronics Research, Greenway Battery Co.,Ltd., Phylion, Ying Yu, Marquardt,, Gates CarbonDrive, emtas, pironex, Modiary, Rosenberger, HiTech Energy, BionX, KOMSA, SantaMonicaEV, Schwalbe, MPF, TA YA Chain, BOSCH

Participation opportunities
Potential exhibitors who are interested in taking part in the LEV Components Special Exhibition, and/or the Test IT Show, can obtain further details on participation, and terms and conditions of booking, via Carolin Springer ((Project Coordinator LEV Components Special Exhibition):


10.00 a.m.: Start
10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.: Pedelec test rides
12.00 a.m.: LEV museum under the special guidance of Hannes Neupert
2.30 p.m.: Reading with Carlton Reid
5.00 p.m.: LEV museum under the special guidance of Hannes Neupert
6.00 p.m.: Closing

On a glance
Open Day
When: 11 June 2016
Where: ExtraEnergy, Koskauer Straße 100, 07922 Tanna, Germany
Entry: Free
Catering: 1.50 € per drink/Thuringian sausage


By car/bike
>> Google Maps

By bus and rail
Just 600 m from the bus stop "Tanna Markt"


>> Walk "Tanna Markt" to ExtraEnergy (Google Maps)

By rail and bike
The nearest railway stations are:

Mühltroff, Reuth(b Plauen,Vogtl), Mehltheuer, Hof, Plauen (Vogtland)

By coach and bike
Just 12 km from the coach stop "Schleiz Vogtland"


>> Schleiz - Tanna (Google Maps)

We recommend (9 km distance):

Villa am Gutsweg
Gutsweg 6
07919 Mühltroff
Tel: +49-(0)36645-2 22 24



B&Bs within walking distance:


Tänner Rockenstub
Tel.: 036646 2 85 83

Further accommodation options:


Copy: Angela Budde
Translation: Peter Eland

Picture: Carlton Reid

12 April 2016
Last update: 17 June 2016




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