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New Mobility World at the IAA – the platform for new mobility concepts

The IAA Cars takes place from the 17th to 27th September 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. ExtraEnergy is organising pedelec test tracks as well as a special exhibition to showcase cycle hire schemes and cycle parking facilities. Manufacturers can book their participation now.


The International Motor Show (IAA) Cars is the world’s largest automobile industry trade fair, aimed at automotive designers, manufacturers and enthusiasts. This year, IAA Cars is to be staged under the theme of “Mobility Connects”.
A key highlight of this year’s IAA is New Mobility World, a new exhibition area showcasing, for the first time, the latest innovations, products and ideas around the theme of modern mobility. This area will be an information and networking platform interlinking industry, politics and science across a total of 30,000 square metres. It will be divided into various themed ‘parks’, for example the ‘Connected Car Pavilion’ or ‘E-Mobility’, where the widest possible variety of mobility concepts will be on display.
On the electro-mobility theme, there are two test track areas which serve as interfaces between end users and manufacturers. Anyone interested in taking a test ride is invited to try out light electric vehicles (LEVs) of all types on these tracks, and both test circuits are designed to reflect real-world riding conditions, including ramped, curved and straight sections.
It’s not just LEVs which can be test-ridden: a further highlight is the display of cycle hire systems, and bikes from these stands can also be ridden around the indoor test track.
And alongside the indoor test track is ExtraEnergy’s LEV Components Special Exhibition, giving consumers an overview of cycle components including a variety of pedelec drive systems, wheels, displays, apps and battery systems. 
Also exhibiting is EnergyBus, an organisation working towards standardisation of charging infrastructure for electro-mobility.
New Mobility World is an interface between end users, manufacturers and innovators. It’s a platform which will provoke an intense interchange of ideas about new business models and new concepts on the theme of modern mobility. New Mobility World is now a fixture at the IAA International Motor Show, an exciting response to the ever-changing mobility needs of people today.

Booking form
Manufacturers of cycle hire systems and cycle parking facilities, and cycle manufacturers, can book in now.
You can find further details of indoor and outdoor package offers for New Mobility World in this brochure, available as an English-language download:

Your contact for further details is Josephine Fischer at:
We look forward to hearing from you!
Text: Josephine Fischer
Translation: Peter Eland
Online Publication: Angela Budde
Image: German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
Date: 25th August 2015
Last update: 1 September 2015



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