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29 September: 2nd Meeting on European Electric Bike Regulations

The next ETRA meeting on electric bike regulations in Europe takes place on Tuesday 29 September 2009 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Polis, Rue du Trône 98, 1050 Brussels.

For practical reasons, anyone wishing to attend should register with ETRA no later than Friday 25 September at 11 a.m. The participants' fee for this meeting is € 75 and includes a sandwich lunch.
Participants to the second meeting will receive the minutes of the first meeting, the attendants' list and the presentation on the current European legislation for electric bicycles made at the first meeting.
The main objective for the second meeting is to come (closer) to a consensus on the specifications for excluding electric bikes from the type-approval on the one hand and to an agreement on how to develop a European type-approval specifically designed for not excluded electric bikes on the other hand.  These two issues are the main points on the agenda of the forthcoming Brussels’ meeting.
Several people have already provided ETRA with input for the above-mentioned discussion. ETRA invites anyone with an interest in the subject to send in their comments, remarks, ... ETRA will summarise this input for the next meeting. Also, participants will receive further background information for the discussion.
ETRA seizes the opportunity to enquire after specific national legislation for pedal assisted bicycles excluded from the European type-approval. In the UK for instance, these are subject to further national requirements: the motor output for bicycles is limited to 200 W, for tandems to 250 W and for tricycles to 300 W. Furthermore, there are weight limits (bicycle: 40kg, tandem and tricycles: 60 kg) and there is an age limit of 14 years for riding these vehicles. It would be extremely useful for ETRA to know should other EU member states apply any such additional requirements.
Contact ETRA Secretary General for registration and/or for any further details:
+32 9 233 60 05

Summary on the kick-off meeting at Eurobike

24 September 2009



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