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Biketec: Flyer T8 Premium

With Flyer T8 Biketec has set boundaries for today's technologyRating 2007: Very goodPrice: 2,790 Euros

The sporty apperance is not misleading, this bike feels like a good 28 inch trekking-bike with wings attached.
Biketec has combined the latest Panasonic drive engineering with a Shimano 8-speed hub gear; they have also developed an electronic circuit for the light, which provides light even after turning off the engine.

Our advice: If you are looking for something with similar engineering but feel intimidated by the price, take a closer look at the models from the C-series starting from € 1,000 or less.

+ Small weight provides easy riding even without motor
+ Very high-quality and comfortable equipment

- Pedals slippery when wet
- No light without battery

Riding Performance
Range everyday track (Mixed Track): 36.7km
Average speed: 21.7km/h
Assistance factor: 1.2
Mountain range: 12.3km
Assistance factor uphill: 2.1
Riding performance without motor: 3*

Specifications and Ratings
Total weight: 24.9kg
Battery weight: 2.2kg
Motor noise: 2*
Riding comfort 2*

Pedelec ready to ride: 2,790 Euros
Replacement battery: 595 Euros

Components and Accessories
High-quality bicycle components, Shimano 8-speed gear shift, hub brakes, U-lock, air-pump, light draws from battery, separate charger, lithium battery, 2 years battery
warranty, easy-to-use user manual, frame sizes: 41, 45, 50, 55 cm; cruiser style also 60 cm

Biketec AG
Industrie Neuhof 9
CH-3422 Kirchberg
Tel: +41-34-448 60 60

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* Grade system 1-6 (1=very good, 6=insufficient)



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