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Pedelec Adventures - Iceland Challenge

On June 17, 2013, the founders of Pedelec Adventures, specialized journalist Susanne Bruesch and expedition manager Ondra Veltrusky took off on their next expedition on electric bikes.

It is their third adventure tour on pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) after having crossed Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert in 2011 and self-sufficiently crossing Mongolia’s wide steppe in 2012.

>> Bosch Power versus Horse Power

For this year’s journey, the outdoor fans have chosen the Nordic beauty of Iceland to show what’s possible on electric bikes – a country that has been shaped by ice and fire, wind and water, long days in summer and long nights in winter.

Traveling in between glaciers and hot springs, the adventurers are going to face the elements on pedelecs  of the eflow brand which support up to 32 km/h. In a variety of surroundings including urban Reykjavík, remote gravel roads in the North-West Fjords and the rough terrain of the highlands with its rivers and lava desert, the sporty design bikes will prove their all-round talent.

Please find the latest information on Pedelec Adventures` Iceland challenge at:

>> www.iceland-challenge.com

Text and picture: excerpt press release www.pedelec-adventures.com

Online release: Angela Budde

18 June 2013
Updated: 21 June 2013




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