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Lab Test Results incorporated in Evaluation for First Time

Since earlier this year, bikes in the ExtraEnergy tests are also tested for their mechanical safety by and their conformity to prescribed standards by SLG. The results of these tests will flow into the ExtraEnergy overall evaluations for the first time in the Autumn 2009/10 Test.

After the Spring 2009 Test one specimen of every tested model went to the test laboratories of and SLG. But, the evaluations published by ExtraEnergy for the bikes in the Spring 2009 Test did not incorporate the and SLG results. These tests were merely conducted by and SLG to fine-tune their testing methods, determine benchmarks and develop the appropriate scientific foundation for a TS Certificate for e-bikes (stands for "Tested safe").

In the meantime, the test procedures for mechanical safety conducted by and conformity to standards (mostly of the electrical components) by SLG have been perfected to the point where the results can be taken into account when evaluating the bikes in the Autumn 2009/10 Test. So, for the first time these results will be incorporated in the overall evaluation of the test bikes.

The laboratory tests will be conducted concurrently in the two test centers from the middle of October to the middle of November 2009.

Mechanical safety at
Since the phenomenon of frame breaks on pedelecs have become ever more common in recent years, ExtraEnergy and in Schweinfurt developed a procedure to test e-bikes for their mechanical safety. Among others, test bikes are subjected to endurance tests on specially developed test benches.

A visit to
Website of

Standards conformity at SLG
Another potential problem area is the conformity of e-bikes to the prescribed standards, which are getting ever more complex when it comes to electronics (eg. electro-magnetic compatibility). To be of assistance in this regard, all bikes in ExtraEnergy tests are examined for their conformity to the prescribed standards by the SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH in Chemnitz.

Website of SLG

TS Certificate from 2010
The three institutions ExtraEnergy, and SLG have as their goal to award a TS Certificate for e-bikes from 2010 and so ensure their mechanical safety and standards conformity. The TS Certificate will be offered to manufacturers as an optional extra to the ExtraEnergy test seal. This option should be available from the Autumn Test 2010/11.

23 October 2009



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