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Das Powerbike

Worldwide, the first book dedicated to electrically assisted cycling. It contains the history, pioneers, solar races, technology and visions for environmentally friendly transportation in the future.
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Author’s statement:
City traffic goes human-electric. Motor and human power work together thus saving energy and sweat! Power-assisted bicycles can easily climb hills and help against headwinds without having to sit in commuter traffic. The benefits of owning a “powerbike” are speed at low energy consumption, staying in good shape, and causing no air pollution.

This book presents the different vehicle concepts and models. It acquaints the reader with pioneers and solar races worldwide that functioned as “proof of concept” for these new vehicles. By showing us where we are now and where we can go in two-wheeler development, “Das Powerbike” stimulates ideas into future transportation.

The book features more than 400 color images that make the stories easy to understand even for non-German speakers.

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